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    World Maths Day International games (disclaimer: The organization 3P Learning, which sponsors this day, named it World Maths Day.)
    Students from around the world encourage thousands of others to take a break from standard maths lessons by they take part in competitive maths-themed games. Winners have a chance with the chance to win certificates and prizes. The aim is to help raise standards of numeracy. This so not me…ever

    Enjoy your Sunday and have a happy~



    But I won’t say until others have had a chance to work it out.
    I loathe maths but love puzzles like that. Go figure.



    I’m with you PG. The answer must be “42” as per “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. πŸ˜‰

    The only enjoyment that I get from maths is admiring pics of maths kitties! Threena hehehe!

    Maths is my bΓͺte noire: An anathema; someone or something which is particularly disliked or avoided; an object of aversion, the bane of one’s existence. (source: Wikipedia),

    OK, purrhaps not the worst thing, but what with calculators and such, I just don’t see the point. πŸ˜‰ Although knitting and understanditn patterns involves a goodly amount of maths, ergo calculator! πŸ™‚

    Not me!




    Oh how I remember the days with helping my girls with their math homework…not good…helped granddaughters too when they were much younger. Not anymore, the way the adults have screwed up the teaching of math. I won’t help anymore, because I don’t have to. πŸ˜† Teachers gonna teach math, then TEACH IT!

    It is so warm here today, ugh, I can’t wait until this cold front comes through. I had to turn the AC on again today! Mr. KZ can’t figure out whether to try and combine beans, shell corn, or get his backhoe out and tear out invasive honeysuckle. I think it will be the latter as it looks like rain any minute.

    I’m off to catch up on recorded shows–I laughed out loud at the TUNA and THREENA!!



    I like these puzzles! Maths, not so much. Thanks for the disclaimer; I had figured Maths was LolCat speak. Word problems for me are pretty much expressed by that soggy kitty. I preferred graphs and pies back in school. (Mmmm, pie…)

    This morning was drizzly and cool here in Jersey. It has warmed up a bit – t-shirt weather – but it will probably stay cloudy all day.

    This morning’s “Breakfast With the Beatles” program on the local NY radio station was really good; there was a generous sprinkling of Tom Petty/Travelling Wilburys music.



    Ooh! I got the answer!



    JJ – your brilliance is dazzling – no way that I would even attempt to tackle that prob! πŸ˜‰

    In algebra when teacher said “let x rep …” my response was”They’re letters, not numbers!” Geometry teacher actually threw the textbook at me (it was grey/pink as I recall). Just missed srsly hitting me! Nowadays this wouldn’t go over so well.

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    Well tech came to fix/replace PVR receiver. Turns out msg indicated that cable wire was loose. Now the phone support had me unplug/plug thd line into wall, but did not suggest this. Anyway it was a speedy fix (that I could have done myself!) Whatever. Was home anyway.

    Just hoping that when I transfer all my stuff from old to new ‘puter, the fact that it’s not a lot of stuff makes it a faster process, but what do I know?



    JJ, was the answer 16?
    KJ, keep smiling. If anything can go wrong it will at the worst possible moment. As long as you know that and are prepared then you will get through it. Having tech help at hand will make it easier too.



    MS – that’s what I got.



    That’s what I got too, MS & PM.

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