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    it’s me again…I posted a topic on a 4wk kitten with anemia about 3 weeks ago. He didn’t make it but I have his littermate here. After momo passed, tux (the lone baby that is healthy) decided that he would stop eating. He stopped nursing from the bottle and we tried everything that the vet told us to do. We gave him canned kitten food mixed with his kitten formula. Well he didn’t like that at all. We tried to give him the kitten food without the formula and he didn’t like that either. So we forced feed him for a couple of days and he just wasn’t feeling it. So my mom decided to give some chicken to see if he would even eat it and he LOVED it. He ate all we gave him so we decided to give him that and fish. Well, he is now 8 weeks old and I took him to get his checkup and the vet asked me if he has been eating kitten food and I told her no he’s been eating people food (steamed fish and chicken) she told me that I shouldn’t be giving that to him at all and told me to make him eat canned kitten food.

    So I guess my question is should I continue giving him what he likes or should I force feed him canned kitten food? I’ve seen on here that people are giving cats a raw diet…should I start doing that? And What so I give an 8 wk kitten?

    Thanks for the help 🙂



    if it were me, I would switch him to raw. you need to make sure to get assistance on how to make it ballanced. my one cat has never even touched kibble or canned. I can shoot you a menu if you like. you may also want to shop around for a vet that dosnt mind raw. vets aren’t taught about the benifits of raw, so most are still aginst it. my vet dosnt like raw, but he is willing to learn about it and that is really all I can ask.



    That’s a great offer from Sheila! I believe there’s also a really good Catster chat group on raw feeding, one of the TDKers on here used to swear by it. Mine get one raw meat meal and one wet canned food meal a day and that seems to work fine too.

    Your vet sounds a bit rigid to me, of course kitten’s not going to get all the nutrition he needs if he’s JUST eating steamed fish and chicken but if it’s all he’s eating, it’s better than nothing and at least it’s meat. I would keep them for treats though. The only problem might be bones — make sure there are none of them in there! You could try Royal Canine Babycat mousse, apparently it’s great for getting kittens to start eating solids (and you don’t need to keep him on it forever as it’s a bit pricey). Check out the nutrition tag above too.



    Here’s a fabulous forum if you are interested in learning more about raw feeding. I think it may be the one you had in mind, jcat….


    Lots of knowledgeable folks….mine eat raw and I learn so much there. I think your vet was probably so concerned because lots of people give cats meat for their meals not realizing they need the proper balance of organ meat and calcium too. Serious health problems can develop but it takes time for those deficiencies to take effect. Good luck!

    Forgot to mention, this is a supplement you can sprinkle on meat to add the nutrients they would be getting from organs and bone…


    I believe you can add it to cooked or raw meat. I just bought some for some of my cats’ raw meals. Anyways, it would turn plain meat into a balanced meal. And if you do want him to eat commercial food, keep trying. He’s young enough to learn. You could try adding in the meat he likes to get him interested.



    Thanks for all the info everyone. 🙂

    So more questions….yay! So this raw diet would it give him Salmonella? Should I wait until he is older to give him totally raw stuff?

    @sheila: I would definitely love to see the menu that you have. I want to try him on raw.

    @jcat: Cool! I’m gonna get a can of it tomorrow to see if he likes it.

    @ecbrown: Thanks! I gonna order that too. If nothing else works aleast he’ll get some type of nutrition.

    Maybe my big kitty would like the raw too…He was also a feral kitten when I found him in my backyard but he was dying from worms/emaciated and he was 6 wks old when I found him…but he didn’t know how to eat anything didn’t like canned kitten food until he was 1 1/2 old.

    Here is a picture of little tux-y and momo http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a49/Fullmetalinsomniac/kitten/DSCN1189.jpg

    here he is on my laptop




    Salmonella is always a possibility, not only with uncooked meat, poultry and fish but also with eggs and vegetables, salad greens — anything that could have been contaminated by faeces at some stage along the way, whether it was irrigated with dirty water at the beginning of the food chain or whether the kitchen it was prepared in wasn’t perfectly hygienic just before it reaches the table. With animals, as with humans, the best way to avoid it is to make sure your food comes from a reliable source, and that you follow basic good hygiene practices. Any meat you buy for your pet from the supermarket intended for human consumption should be fine — it has been inspected to be safe for humans and should be safe for your pet as well. The raw meat I buy from the supermarket is specifically for animals but it is a trusted and reputable pet meat company that specialises in raw meat. Buy from safe and trusted sources and you should be fine. Bottom line, if it’s not good enough for me to eat cooked, I wouldn’t risk feeding it to my animals uncooked. And keep cooked and raw meats separate (with separate utensils and chopping boards if possible, well-scrubbed in hot water if not), if the juice from uncooked meat (of any kind) drips onto cooked meat, then the cooked meat is no longer safe. Hope that helps!



    this is the menu that I use for my 2 cats and 1 dog. it has been vet approved. I started one of my cats on raw at 2 1/2 wks per vet since she refused formula. with a kitten his (both your cats age while learning), the bones you will start out with are chicken wing tips and chicken breast bone. once he can eat those with no problem, go to whole wings (u may have to take a couple swings of the hammer to the wing the first couple times till he gets the idea) once he gets that without you needing to take a hammer to them, you can move to chicken leg and thigh bones. just hake a couple swings of the hammer to it for a couple times to give him the idea. cut up all meat to bite size pieces and gradually increase piece size until your giving the meal in a chunk. you can get the meat from whare ever you buy your food, though I don’t get anything except for liver, gizzards, and heart from Walmart. have had 2 bad experiences with their meat (never any issues with the organ meats), being fed raw for the animals. haven’t had issues any ware else I buy. as for how much and often to feed, my 8# cat gets 4-5oz once a day, my 6# cat gets 3oz once a day. a kitten of your boys age should be fed as much as he wants to eat 3-4 times a day within 30 min.

    Sunday-1/3 liver,1/3 heart, 1/3 any secreting organ (ex: kidney, spleen, testicles, brain, eyes, pancreas – any secreting organ in the body)

    Monday- chicken leg or thigh (while learning you can substitute for wings or breast)

    Tuesday- steak (I buy the cheapest at the supermarket but I don’t use ground since its not as nutritious)

    Wednsday- 1/3 liver,1/3 heart, 1/3 any secreting organ (ex: kidney, spleen, testicles, brain, eyes, pancreas – any secreting organ in the body)

    Thursday- chicken breast

    Friday- pork

    Saturday- steak (I buy the cheapest at the supermarket but I don’t use ground since its not as nutritious)



    I agree with the above about not buying ground meat from the supermarket for raw feeding. There is more opportunity for contamination with grinding. And it does lose some nutritional value. I do feed some meat that has been ground with organ and bone, but it is from a company that deep freezes it immediately upon grinding and has a great reputation for the quality of their meat. And then I add a supplement in case nutrients were lost in the grinding. But mine eat chunks of meat too. When I get those from the supermarket I just make sure no sodium solutions were added.

    Basically, when feeding raw you want 80 percent muscle meat, 10 percent bone or other calcium source, 5 percent liver and 5 percent other secreting organ.



    OK so update time… got that royal canin babycat canned cat food. He liked it for 1 day now he doesn’t even touch it.

    I also tried to give him liver today and he 2 bites and he doesn’t seem happy with that either. Gosh! I don’t think he knows he a cat. I did buy that call of the wild supplement just waiting for to come in the mail.

    What is the best option to try and start him out on raw…any tips or tricks?



    I know you are planning on doing a raw diet, but have you tried giving the kitty dry cat food? I have a kitty who is also a picky eater. When I first got him, I tried giving him canned cat food but Neo kitty would not eat it. He will only eat dry cat food. If I mix anything in the dry kitty food (even milk or water), he will not eat it. Neo won’t even drink milk by itself! Neo won’t eat cheese or chicken or fish or anything really. Neo kit will also only eat two types of dry cat food, Meow Mix Tender Centers and Whiskas Meaty Selections. If I buy any other dry cat food, he’ll take a couple bites and then turn up his nose to it.

    At eight weeks, the kitty is old enough for dry cat food so maybe you can try to give the kitty some.



    Gosh, he is a little rascal. Veal is a good raw meat to start off on, it’s relatively bland (like chicken) and so good for picky eaters. Since he likes cooked chicken, I’d also try him with chicken necks or whatever you’re planning to feed him in the poultry line.

    Otherwise, all I can suggest is getting a whole array of small tins of good quality wet food and trying them all until you find something he likes. Trouble is, when they’re this picky, they often get bored quickly too. When he is hungry enough, he’ll eat but cats are very obstinate, usually their owners break long before they do (and you wouldn’t really want it any other way).



    @ SNOW: No dice! He doesn’t like any dried food at all. I got kitten chow and he turned his nose at it. I have a 3 1/2 year old feral-ish black male cat and all he eats is dry food (just started to eat wet food) and we let him free range cause when i’m not home he can eat when he wants to. Anyway his container is out and the little bratty kitten goes by all the time and take a sniff at the dry food and walks away.

    This little bugger is lucky he is so cute…its so hard to ever type on my laptop..he always want to flop on it and mess up with what Im typing. I think he is having a love affair with my laptop within 5 minutes, Bam! HE is there.

    When my car get fixed I try and get some veal. Atleast that supplement came and Ive been putting it on his food and he doesn’t seem to notice so I guess thats a start.



    Oh, wow! I’ve never seen a cat turn away dry cat food. He is so lucky to have you for a mom who’ll work with him. I’m glad he is willing to eat the supplement. Maybe he’ll grow out of it hopefully? Cats can be so finicky.

    I’ve never done the raw diet, but when I first got Snow I researched raw diet a little. All I remember is reading that you should never ground the meat cause it makes the taurine disappear from the meat, and that fresh unground beef heart is best for getting a good dose of taurine. I remember if the foods are ground you have to give a taurine supplement… I do not remember anything else from it, other than I sort of realized when looking at prices at that point that I could never afford the diet. 🙁

    As Sheila said, don’t get meat from Walmart. I won’t even feed meat from Walmart to my human family! It’s of poor quality. I haven’t had any bad experiences with their meat, but being a country girl, I can tell when meat has been sitting for a LONG time from the taste, smell, & texture. A lot of country markets get the meat shipped fresh from the slaughter house, and if you look around, there are probably butcher shops you can get it from directly.



    My vets thinks cats should eat raw or homemade. My own cats don’t eat dry/kibble either (I don’t try either).

    Since your cat likes cooked chicken, maybe you can try cooking your cat’s food? My vet put up this recipe – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BUDWEz2CDAj4ZQMB6XUhNgI9XXLIDXn9xdmCxhoXm3g/edit

    The recipe is for dogs and cats, to make it more cat, you can omit the grain and make sure the multi-vitamin you’re using contains taurine. A lot of people on here cautioned against ground meat – so I would suggest trying to find a local butcher who will grind the meat you select right there in front of you. I’ve been able to find a few in my area.

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