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    I rescued a 3 week old kitten last week from the inside of my wall.. we brought her to the vet and everything looks good. We changed from KMR to wet kitten food 2 days ago. She loves it. We were a bit concerned that since she isn’t on the bottle anymore, that the wet kitten food isn’t providing her with enough fluids, so we gave her some water via bottle last night before bed and a little again this morning. This afternoon she became very sick looking, we put her in the litterbox and she squirted out some diarrhea and then vomited a little bit twice and then one really big amount, probably everything in her stomach! She then took a nap and when she woke up we did the tent-test and her skin stays up for almost 2 seconds. I know we need to get her pedialyte, is there a kitten kind, or do we just get the human baby kind? Also, should we continue to give her the wet food? Is there enough fluid in the wet food to go without drinking water too? She won’t drink water from a bowl, so should we be giving her water from a bottle AND wet food? Maybe she just got sick from eating a lot of wet food for the first time? Any advice?? Thank you:)




    This gives a lot of information about weaning. Maybe it was too sudden of a switch. Weaning is a process and to completely stop the KMR and then switch only to solid could have her system out of whack a bit. Don’t know that I am much help, and it can be slow on the weekend, but I know others will give advice.

    By the way welcome to TDK!!



    Yes, sounds like it could be a hiccup from suddenly making the transition, best to introduce the wet food alongside the KMR or drizzle the KMR on top. But if it continues for more than a day, I would get her to a vet. She may need rehydrating with sub-Q fluids, which a vet can do best (and show you how to do it in future) or it may be a virus or gastro or something. At only four weeks, kittens can crash very quickly, they are not past the danger stage.

    The human baby/child pedialyte is fine. You can also make your own at home, this is the WHO formula for baby pedialyte but it is good for cats and kittens as well. For extra energy, Nutrical or light-coloured Karo syrup are both good if she’s not taking food, smear a little on her mouth (but no big lumps, nothing she can choke on). The pedialyte also has sugar in it so it should give her enough blood sugar.

    When she is well again, there is enough water in wet food for a kitten/cat without extra but it is always advisable to have fresh water available too, so if she needs it she can get it. You can always mix a little extra warm water into the wet food, if you’re worried, that warms the food as well.



    The recipe:

    Home-made pedialyte:


    * Pedialyte formula (from World Health Organization)…no preservatives so short life-span

    * 1 cup water (boiled then cooled)

    * 2 tsp sugar

    * 1/8 tsp salt

    * 1/8 tsp baking soda

    * (this Pedialyte formula gives needed electrolytes & some sugar for energy)

    Combine all ingredients and warm slightly.

    Make new after 24 hours.

    If she is vomiting AND diarrhoea, she is losing water from both ends, so you do need to try and get some of this down her, from a bottle is fine. Hope it goes well. Keep in touch.



    Like Soxsmom and Jcat I think you switched her from KMR to wet too fast. And I’m glad you already knew she needed some pedialyte. 🙂

    This is in my honest opinion and you don’t have to listen to me, but I think it’s a little too soon to just feed her wet food. A mamma cat doesn’t wean her babies that soon, but I would try to reintroduce her KMR and just keep her on the KMR and then slowly reintroduce her wet food again. Wet food is a solid and maybe she couldn’t handle it like you mentioned.

    Definitely have fresh water out in case, it’s always nice to have it even if she doesn’t drink from it. I used to use a small bowl that was actually meant to go cups for salad dressing [but it was a ceramic] and I never saw Duchess really drinking from it, but they do get a lot of water from the wet food but you want to still have it available. Another thing, when they drink KMR that’s also water in it, and that helps too. It’s just something extra for her to have in case she wants it. Duchess used to play in hers…

    But I’m glad that it seemed like she liked the wet food. When I tried to wean Duchess it took forever she just didn’t want to give up the bottle. I think she was close to 11 weeks when she finally decided wet food was the yummier food.

    Anyway, welcome to TDK and I hope she gets better soon 🙂 What’s her name? Is that in your avatar? If so she’s so adorable



    Thank you so much! Tonight she seems like she is feeling better.. Going to try to give her mostly KMR with some wet food mixed in. When we brought her to the vet she gave her wet food and since she took right away, then she told us she should be ready for the wet food… So we’ll see how tonight goes.

    Yes, that is her in my avatar, and her name is Wallie:) We thought she was a boy at first, so was named Wally, but the vet said she’s a girl so we changed the spelling. hehe. I’m actually a professional photographer and she’s already had her first photoshoot! You can take a look by checking out my blog: http://cassieleahphoto.blogspot.com/2011/04/wally-sawyer-4-week-old-kitten-sarasota.html

    I will keep you posted with her progress! Thanks so much this forum ROCKS!



    Wow that’s surprising that your vet gave her wet food, I have nothing against that though. Yes she’s a very cute girl. Duchess was originally named Governor Nick because she was found in a warehouse at 3 weeks, crying for her mommmy and Mr. DG took her home and we found out she was actually a girl so she walked around without a name at first but eventually Duchess was settled upon.

    She is so cute!!!! Looked at her pictures, I forgot the cute spikey tail they have as a kitten. Will she be living inside?


    Welcome to TDK, Cassie and Wallie! Your photos are wonderful. I love her confidence as she struts with her tail straight out and up like a little flag. 🙂



    Haha yes she definitely walks with purpose;)

    Last night, this morning and this afternoon I fed her a little bit of wet food mixed in with mostly KMR. She seems to love it and she hasn’t gotten sick since! Although she hasn’t pooped since either, but I’ve read on here that many kittens don’t go everyday anyway.. I think I’ll continue this mix for another week, and then switch to mostly wet food with still a little bit KMR for another week or so before I give her wet food again by itself.

    Thanks for taking a look at her photos! It was hard to get a good shot since she was walking around so fast! My girlfriend helped in making sure she stayed in our “shoot zone” and away from anything we wouldn’t want her to get into. Yes we will be keeping her as an inside cat, with the occasional chaperoned field trip and/or photoshoot outside:)



    Congratulations! Good news that she is doing better! You have a wonderful subject to photograph!



    What a little cutie. She looks like she will have a lot of cattitude when she grows up.

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