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    I have two 3 week old kittens and neither one of them have pooped in two days, but they are both peeing like champs. I just had a scare a few days ago when neither one of them were eating, so I took them to the vet and was told that they weren’t getting enough food and they were too cold. My friend found the kittens abandoned in the mountains and tried to take care of them, but didn’t really know how. So now I’m trying and every time I think that I got the hang of it, one of the babies start to feel or act sick. I just need a little help if anyone can tell me how to get my babies to poop.



    I just recently found a kitten at two weeks old, my little Mozzy, she is now 8/9 weeks old 🙂 at the three week mark she wasn’t pooping so much either, but it wasn’t often maybe once every 2/3 days, take some tissue and rub in gentle circular motions over the butt, this should stimulate, but not too hard as it will hurt them, also (advice from the veterinary) add just a drop of olive oil to every 20ml of there bottle which will help with a bowel movement 🙂



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    Kittens that young don’t usually go every day. They will probably go ever 1-2 days. Don’t use any vegetable oil, use mineral oil. Your vet can give you an enema syringe and you can put some mineral oil or water up his bum. But only do this if they don’t go for 3 days. Also, you might want to try rubbing a little harder and with cotton balls.



    THEY POOPED!!!!! Thank you for all your advice, I wasn’t rubbing correctly, but now they’re pooping so I’m smiling! 🙂



    Good to hear! And at 3-4 weeks they’ll start trying to go on their own. Then if you have a larger box trained kitty you can have them watch while the big one uses the litterbox. If you dont you just gotta put them in the box after meal times and make them dig around with their paws.



    Arrrg this is my problem.. I don’t know how to do the rub properly… helppp me :'(



    Amos, take a look at these videos on how to raise abandoned kittens. There’s a whole clip on pooping and it gives good instructions on the right way to gently rub, in a circular manner, around the anal area with a damp warm dishcloth or similar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctfhMJUdxZA

    Hope that helps!



    I had the same scare because my three week old kitten wouldnt poo.

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