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    Fillion got neutered and front declawed (no choice since we have parrots I’m afraid, I’m not for it, but we need to keep everyone alive).

    His surgery was tuesday morning. My vet is wonderful and keeps cats 2 nights (free) with a declaw as it greatly reduces infection and complications. I love them! They also sent him home with a very small dose of pain meds for 3 days.

    Anyway, we picked up Fillion on Thursday about 10 am. He was fine, came home ate, used the litter box. He ate half a Fancy Feast can, mixed with dry food (He gets this 50/50 mix 2Xs a day and has dry available all day and night, typically its a whole small ss bowl full of food he consumes). No issues. We were to give him his premeasured meds at 10pm that evening. It’s metcam, which looking into it now, I’m sorry I didn’t ask for something else, but I had no idea.

    Friday morning he ate only a very small meal, maybe 1/4 of his food and we had to convince him to eat that. Then he was babying a paw for a few hours so we brought him in for a (free) recheck. (My vet doesnt charge for rechecks because they want people in to prevent infection, they really care about the animals). They took his temp, examinined all his toes, listened to heart and lung sounds, did a physical (stomach) exam. She couldnt find a thing wrong, and told us he was probably just sensitive to pain and that if we needed it, they’d give him additional meds when the other round was finished.

    Friday night he flat out refused wet food (but eagerly lapped the metcam up?), I opened 3 different cans thinking it was the flavor. No go. He did not eat any of his food Friday night into Sat am. I was worried, but not enough to call since he is drinking fine. Later on Sat, I realized his tummy was very empty. We tried everything to get him to eat. He is even refusing Tuna… his favorite treat.

    I looked up Metcam, and was startled to see so many negative things. I was calmed alittle when I realized most problems are from ODing, and we did not have to measure anything (all prefilled sryinges by vet) so I know we didn’t get it wrong.

    I did read that a side effect is loss of appetite, so we skipped his last dose, which should have been last night. He only got 2 instead of 3.

    This morning he took a few bites of tuna (whew) and licked some wet food, but didn’t actually eat it. It was encouraging since he was sniffing everything (very throughly, and then deciding he just didnt want it) and then walking away.

    Today I went and got him some kitten milk and mixed it with a bit of wet food to make a gruel. He’s not really interested in that. I gave him a few tiny medicine syringe fulls in his mouth, that he ate and gave me the stink eye for.

    He went 36 hrs off food and the 24 hours before that he was very light on food. And he has now resumed very very light eating. This kitten usually EATS! And he was eating fine at the vets office, the tech checking us out even mentioned his hefty eating.

    I’m fairly certain its the meds, and switching from an injection at the vet, to an oral at home with more side effects. However I am very concerned and no where to turn on a Sunday.

    The ER vet will give me no advice on the phone, and I’m not sure he needs to go in. He is not dehydrated, playing, active and no infections on paws or rear incision. I’ve checked him frequently.

    Currently he’s sleeping, but he played for several hours this morning so that is normal for him.

    Should I wait for Monday AM? Should I bring him in? Just watch for hydration and keep trying to feed him? Help?



    Sounds like you are doing well- try to force feed if he does not eat and bring him to the vet tmw- poor thing. I’ve heard scary things about that medicine too, but maybe he is just in too much pain to eat, poor thing. Let us know how he does.



    If he’s not dehydrated, and active, I would venture a guess that you would be OK waiting till Monday. I’m sorry to say, but I’ve heard horrible things about Metcam, so if i were you, I’d be sitting in my car, kitty in hand, at the vets’ door Monday morning waiting for them to open. Just make sure to get fluids into him – water or pedialyte, and keep him comfortable untill you can get him to the vet. And dont give him anymore metcam. If you check his gums, what colour are they? White/yellow/pale pink/bright pink/red??



    This is the 3rd time I’ve written this, I keep loosing the page! Urgh.

    His gums are light pink, moist and so is his tonuge. He’s tired, and I’m sure its just because this is his usual nap time. He was active until noon (from 8:30-12) and then we locked him up with food and water so we could monitor his intake while we were gone running errands. He typically plays for several hours, then naps for several more. I am seeing a bit of 3rd eye lid, but he is tired, eyes are bright, not glassy, and moist. No discharge from eyes.

    I do not think he has a fever or an infection. He may have mild discomfort, but being almost 6 days since the surgery, he’s doing great. His toes are healing. Many have lost the large scabs and now have small ones. I see nice healed pink flesh on two with just the teeniest scabs (no glue left on those two). His southern area is healing nicely too, no discharge, blood, ect.

    I have no reason to suspect an infection, but I can’t take his temp to know if he’s got a fever.

    I forced another 2ccs of gruel in him. I’d already given him 1cc previous to this. I also gave him a few licks of regular vanilla yogurt and I put a few extra drops of formula in his mouth. Despite looking at me with the look, he groomed clean and then climbed into the bed by my feet.

    I’m not sure if I should just arrive there when I know they have ‘drop off’ for surgery… or if I should call and tell them I’ll be there at 8am. I dont want to be an over demanding pest, but I them to do something.

    I’m hoping they’ll give him something to stimulate his appetite. I really dont think there is anything else wrong other than the meds killed his hunger. 🙁 Poor baby boy.



    Dorn, you’re not being over demanding! Just be polite but firm when you bring him in. Perhaps the taste/smell of the gruel isn’t appealing to him right now. I have found that pureed baby meats (no vegies) will sometimes work, feeding thru the syringe, to stimulate his appetite and get some nutrition into him. It’s been many years since I’ve done that, so I don’t know if it’s any better than what you’re already doing for him. {{{hugs & purrs))) I know how worried you are ~ I’ve been there. Keep us posted.



    If you are seeing a bit of 3rd eyelid, it is possible he picked up a bug at the vets’. You are right to bring him in. I’m sure he will be fine!



    Well I’ve given him a few more cc’s of formula and some additional water. We went out to dinner (and to see the Extreme Home makeover house they’re working on) and came back to find him still sleeping and a bit dehydrated. I’m torn between taking him in now or in 12 hours. Urgh.



    Also, he’s finally gone #2 again. Unfortunately is was liquid poo. 🙁 I’m sure from the formula. He had trouble with formula in the past. But I have no idea what else to do since he wont eat anything. Guess we’re just waiting 12 hours and crossing our fingers whatever is wrong is not major and by waiting I’ve done more damage.

    I’m having massive anxiety over him, so I’ve decided to go and be sitting there when they open for surgery drop offs at 7:30. I will just tell them I’m sorry but he was in to bad of shape to wait for the 8am open call and an appointment. There may not be vets there (except those doing surgery) but I know there will be extra vet techs to look at him.



    Personally I’d say the entire problem IS the metacam. It should NEVER be used in cats though most vets will, and do, anyway. Mostly because they don’t know better 🙁

    Some side effects:

    What to Watch For –



    Decreased urine production

    Straining to urinate

    Loss of appetite




    Changes in water consumption and urination

    Taken from:




    Try syringe feeding high quality canned food. It is very dangerous for cats to go more than 24 hours without food. Precise canned turkey is very nice and easy to syringe feed. You can get it from independent pet stores.

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