14 day old Orphan kitten on day 2 with no bowel movement. Please help

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    Hello, I have a 2 week old orphan kitten that I have been fighting to keep alive for 5 days now. He is on penicillin g (sub Q) begining yesterday (put on by vet for puncture wound) Even tho he has been doing GREAT all day today, I have not been able to get him to have a bowel movement for almost 2 days now but he is eating and urinating just fine. My vet also told me to insert a thermometer in there to try to stimulate him but no results. he is being fed a mixture of KMR, Goats milk and dark karo syrup. please help asap!!!


    Hi, Beth. Welcome to TDK!

    Kittens don’t necessarily have every day bowel movements. If the thermometer doesn’t stimulate your little one to eliminate, try gently rubbing his anus in a clockwise motion with a soft wet washcloth.

    You have a big job hand-feeding a kitten so young. There are others on this website who have experience doing this. Hopefully, one or more will post here soon. Please keep checking back tonight and tomorrow.

    Do you have a name for him yet? Are you fostering or adopting this little orphan? Most importantly….do you have pictures? 🙂 Please click on my avatar to see photos of my three kits. 🙂



    Thank you for the welcome! I have been calling this little one ‘Kit’. He is all orange. He only weighs 4 oz. If he pulls through this battle for survival, he will belong to me until the end of his natural,long and healthy life (So we are praying)

    I have been using warm damp cloths, cottonballs, and paper towels to try to get him to go. He has No trouble urinating.

    We did have a really rough day yesterday and almost lost him. He had a bite or claw hole on the top of his head that got infected and made an abscess, and when the vet opened and drained it he went into shock. Thus of course leading to a blue, lifeless kitten and many tears from me of course. He didnt really eat anything for almost 24 hours, then started nibbling late last night/early am. today he ate about 2 tablespoons of formula through out the day today(best he has done yet!). I am just concerned about the bowel movements, seems like he should have something to come out!!!!

    Adorable babies by the way Kitten whisperer! I will try to get some pics of Kit on here asap!


    A ginger kitty! He sounds like a fighter. It does take their little systems a few weeks to get into a regular rhythm. The important thing is for him to not get dehydrated and that he put on weight. I’m sure your vet would be happy to answer questions about this issue. You are doing a great job. Isn’t it amazing how quickly they worm their way into our hearts?!

    Tell us how you came to take care of Kit.



    I work on a dairy farm that milks about 300 head of holstein. I take care of the calves from birth to 5 months. And of course like all farms there are many barn cats. All of which are unaltered. One of my Friendly momma’s had 6 babys on March 24th, in the middle of the floor in our Maternity barn. So i made a nest of straw bales and covered it for her. The next day I noticed a big calico heavy with babys laying in there with the new mom and kittens. A week later the calico(wild) had her babys (6) in the nest with the others. I called the vet and asked if they thought the new ones would be okay in with the bigger ones, and they said yes….

    We lost 3 babys from the new litter within 5 days, when the 4th died I took one of the last 2(the other one was doing perfect and growing with the rest of them)

    And that is how I ended up with Kit. I came to the conclusion that they all starved. The kittens from the first litter are all BIG and fat. one of them dropped some weight over the weekend, so we have been bringing him home at night for extra food and heat and love. He is 3 weeks old and seems to like it here.



    **** Update on Kit****

    He Pooped!!! Eating well, Just got his last shot of penicillin. Things are looking up!!!


    nawlins catmom

    Hooray – who knew bodily functions could be the topic of so much attention and concern! Orange boys are my favorite – congratulations!


    Goodness who ever would have guessed how pleased one could be at the thought of cleaning up catpoo!

    Well done! I hope that Kit continues to prosper – with the care he/she is getting he/she should!



    Our last concern is the hole on his head (was hole from mom’s claw and turned into abcess) isnt looking better today. So we are headed back to the vet at 2:45 to see about another way to dry it up…. **Fingers Crossed!!!****


    Beth, you are super! I pray this little one makes it. It took awhile to poop because he hadn’t been eating enough, but it sounds like he’s on the mend. Ferals don’t always make it–this time of year it is still too cold out (even here in Phoenix at night) for newborns to survive. Any ferals born in my yard in March all died in their first 2 weeks.


    Good luck Beth and Kit.



    There are controversies over the necessity to massage a kitten’s belly after meals to stimulate bowel movement. However a gentle massage will not hurt and may teach the little one to love belly-rubs in the future.

    Good luck getting this bit of fluff to grow into a magnificent lion.



    I’m so happy for “Kit” I don’t think he could have a better mommy. I know sometimes the meds. we give can constipate the little systems, boy I’m I happy for him. I bet he feels better too. I’ll say an extra prayer for the both of you tonight. Maybe the goats milk is to strong for his little body. I always went to owr favorite store (wally world) and purchased the powder form of mommys’ milk. I have tube fed my babies and kept it up until I weaned them. I know goats milk can be good for them but maybe not for “Kit.” Let us know what the vet says on his treatment. Wishing loads of love and support, grandmaszoo



    Prayers going out to “KIT” that the beautiful orange ball of floof pulls thru. Thanks Beth for being there when the furbaby needed you.



    Okay guys! Thanks for all of the great advice. I am going to ask another question since you have been so helpful. WHY ISNT HE SLEEPING TONIGHT???????????????????!!!!! I am tired! whenever i put him down he screams. if i hold his he wiggles and sucks on my fingers. he wants to eat every 30 minutes. I AM SO WORN OUT



    Ok! Kit isn’t sleeping? Try getting him some beanie babys or small stuffed animals to sleep with. My cat binx singled out a stuffed animal and he carries it around with him sometimes. Or you can try having him sleep with you. That’s what I did with binx. I got him at 6 weeks ((which is a little young)) and had him sleep in the crook of my arm. He also woke me at 4am bc he went all over my bed. If he wants to suckle on your finger then try getting the top from a baby bottle for him to suck on. I’ve never really tried it but it sounds like a good idea. As for the head wound maybe ask your vet if you could put neosporin inbetween vet visits. I read that it’s ok to use on cats. And since he can’t get to it then you shouldn’t have a problem.




    Just read about Kit, what has happened to Kit?





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