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January 19th, 2017 by pussigato

Hi vnor,

Thank you so much for helping this cat out. The dirtbag, I mean owner doesn’t care. I understand taking on another cat can be a problem for many folks.

I’m going to guess you’re in Southampton UK and not the US. Here’s some links to call and ask for assistance in helping this cat.

They should be able to give you some assistance. Do tell them that you can’t take on another cat so they understand you’re situation.

Good Luck and thanks for taking the time to care for this cat.


January 19th, 2017 by pussigato

hi efurryone,

Happy Wednesday. It was a gorgeous day with a high of 55f/12c. There’s snow on the ground but, at this rate, it will be melted by Saturday…when we’re “suppose” to get more snow.

The cat in the Pooh costume isn’t very happy…at all. I remember seeing the guy in the Pooh costume pic and I still laugh at it.

Bawn up poaw in they…err back woods, ay nevuurr done learned about pooh…well, winnie thay…err pooh. hahaha 😆 I love these online translators. This is my Redneck speak. It’s a mockery of southern poor folks, who aren’t very edujamicated. Not nice!

I’m feeling better and went swimming today.

Dental made an appointment for me. I”m not sure why but I’ll find out tomorrow.

Cya l8r,


January 18th, 2017 by Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

Please join me in meeting and greeting today’s Star Kit, Coconut. He is a 4 month old DSH from New York.
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January 18th, 2017 by Kittyzee

Grey day here today too JJ, but mild and just a bit damp. Everyday that we don’t have ice or snow, is one more day closer to spring. Hey–good news on the cat food–congratulations! It’s hard and expensive work taking care of so many cats, so I understand your dilemma and glad it will work out.

I love Pooh Bear, such a sweet cartoon and movies. Don’t remember them as a kid, but I read a lot of the stories to my girls and to my grand kids. I love the sweetness and friendships between the animals. 🙂

Pooh bear with his pants on backwards made me LOL!

January 18th, 2017 by JerseyJoan

Good morning – us kids all loved Tigger in our house. Currently I have a tigger staff shirt. Tee-eye-double-guh-errr!
My bff loves Eeyore and a few years back there was one little stuffed Eeyore at a store so I got it for her. Couldn’t leave him all alone on the shelf!
I’m a happy girl this morning. Found out some more info on the cat food recall. I have four cases of Special Kitty, each case feeds six cats for twelve days. The recall numbers match up, but today I found out if it’s best if used before November 1, 2019, it’s not affected by the recall, yay! I stocked up in early December specifically so I didn’t have to go back to Walmart until mid-February or so.
It’s a grey, raw day here in Jersey, but mild enough that it’s not icy.

January 18th, 2017 by AV

My grandfather read us all the Pooh books, and then passed them on to us to read to our kids …. my Son had a ‘giant’ (like 4 ft tall) Pooh bear that Mr. AV’s mother won in some carnival fair …. it sat on his bed for years ….

EC, I hope your house closing goes well, I’m doing another open house for my brother’s listing today, I hope we go under contract, the holidays have really slowed things down, but I definitely see an increase in activity now!

Have a great day everyone!