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February 21st, 2017 by AV

Hey all! …. thanks KZ, I’m very please the way the new/old light turned out! …. swami paws made me LOL
MS, I hope the bunny is irresistible to HRH! hehe
PG, lol at the terminal student! – that’s my Son – I thought he’d never decide he had enough ‘schooling’ LOL
Hope Star is doing better
the ‘I see a treat’ is adorable!

… trying to think up something new/different for dinner …. Mr. AV gets us stuck in ruts of always wanting the same things like chicken, spaghetti, and oh yeah, did I mention chicken??!! *sigh* …. maybe I’ll do spaghetti and throw some kalamata olives and capers in it …. give it a tweak of flavor ….

February 21st, 2017 by Jeankit

Happy Purrday to:
Born today in 1933 musician, composer and civil rights activist Nina Simone
Nina & kitteh

February 21st, 2017 by Jeankit

Paw up lunchtime waves!
Timez for Nomz:
crystal ball cat nomz time
Hmm…wonder when it’s not that time!

Beautiful day – currently +53 and sunny 😀
greening up
Spotted on lunchtime walk…greening up all around – wow & still only Feb!
They removed n’hood Winter parking regulations as 1 week early – we shall see what next couple weeks bring 😉

Ok, time for cuppa fave brew – mwah – smooch for Tux/thanks kit…
tuxie mug
Pawsome mug too …later!

February 21st, 2017 by Kittyzee

Hi everyone! JJ, my cats need a good brushing too! I brushed Willow the other day, he just loved it. I sometimes have to wash his little butt too, as he is a big boy and just doesn’t quite do the job. He doesn’t mind when I do it either, it’s quite funny actually!! 😆

AV, if you stop in today, I wanted to tell you I love the new/old light fixture! Quite pretty, and I’m sure will look beautiful!

Warm again here, maybe with some showers this evening, then tomorrow I think rain. Ah, well, it beats a winter storm!

February 21st, 2017 by JerseyJoan

Wow, fortunes, spells and kitties, cool! The kitten on the spellbook is adorable!
Have a good day, PG, and take it easy when you’re done! Ick, I’m not a fan of windy days either.
Entrails reading kitty reminds me of Louie. Yes, there are two others that look just like him but each has a slightly different aura.
Not sure if I could still fold those, MS. They were a great way to pass the time in a boring class. I hope HRH is tempted with the bunny.
Hope the sleeves project goes ok, KJ. Yes, sometimes those late night projects don’t quite go as well as they do in theory.
Star seems to be ok, maybe she was just extra tired.
My cats need a thorough brushing, hairball season is here.

February 21st, 2017 by pussigato

We used to play with those paper twists. Ours had #s inside too.

Wow-bunny. Why do you need to bribe your girl? 😉

My skills at knitting and decorating are scary. I finished my Coursera International Law in Action with a 94%. My forte (and not pronounced for-tea) is learning stuff. If only I could afford to be a permanent student…*sigh*

It is so, so windy today. Yuk!