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June 28th, 2017 by Arash

Okay this is tough, in our courtyard, there is a high ledge surrounding the area beneath the high wall, I noticed a faint meow from there yesterday, which carried on to today…it was a kitten (7 weeks old by the looks) stranded on the high ledge…every time we even come close to the windows from the inside it bolts, it is very shy and scared, I left a bowl of water and some white cheese up there with a ladder, it hasn’t touched the cheese, and I’m not certain if it drank the water. I’m planning on getting some wet cat food. Some tuna and even making it a small shelter and figure out how to get it down later. Any tips and tricks on how to help this poor kitten out?

June 28th, 2017 by Jeankit

Hmm…wasn’t planning on posting today on “hot topic” looming in US…
Healthcare Human Right
…just saying!

June 28th, 2017 by Jeankit

Hmm…wasn’t planning on posting today on “hot topic” looming in US…but, found reason to:
Pet Insurance
Pet Insurance…Pro/Con/s on having some for your purry/furries…
I personally never took a plan for kits…Paws crossed for their good health until later in life…Since I do not have indoor/outdoor kits anymore decided to pass up on option.
Well, its grey/drizzly today…not a purrfect forecast for our first day of Summerfest as 50th anniversary. I’m sure it won’t put too much of a damper on the festival goers!

OK, time for pm cuppa fave brew, mwah – thanks Tux…later!
tuxie mug

June 28th, 2017 by Louie's Mama

Hi Everyone!

New to TDK and new first time kitten owner. This post is really long and I am new here–so sorry if long posts are annoying..

I was actually at my parents house last weekend-they live in a pretty rural area and it is normal for cats to end up on their back porch. They have always put out food and water for them and they ALWAYS take them to the vet and get them fixed(when they can catch them).The 3 cats I grew up with were actually a set of kittens that were born under our deck and they became very ill. Mom took them to the vet and they became her fur babies and now they are 16!!!

Sorry off topic. Back to my story: When i was at my parents on Saturday–a baby kitten popped out from under the deck. I would guess around 8-9 weeks. My mom said he had been hanging around awhile–no other babies or momma in sight. My heart melted and I tried to lure him closer to us with some yarn she had. After about an hour he let us pet him and eventually i picked him up! Long story short I TOOK HIM HOME. I could not bear to leave him alone out there for another second because i knew he would not survive much longer alone(predators, cars). So here I am now with a brand new fur baby and we are so obsessed with each other! He is doing great and is SO social and loves to cuddle, play, and sleep! He also now loves my fiance’ after just 4 days!

I feel like the one struggling is me 🙁 I went back to work on Monday and I was an ABSOLUTE MESS. I was crying all night Sunday sick to my stomach about leaving him alone. He has been completely fine everyday when we come home from work. My fiance leaves for work first and gets home first. I leave second and get home second. So he’s only home for about 7-8 hours MAX. We have him in our bedroom when we are gone with a boat load of toys, plenty of food and water, and his litter box which he is doing great with by the way! I play with him for about 20 minutes before I leave for work, and when my fiance’ gets home from work he plays with him for about 30 minutes before he goes about his daily routine of doing work outside on his cars or the lawn. We also spend soo much time loving on him and paying attention to him while we are home in the evenings.My feelings ease a little more now being at work–it’s now Wednesday and every time we get home he is just lounging on our bed hanging out, toys are thrown everywhere so i know he is playing 🙂 i also leave the blinds and curtains open so he has natural light and can see out the window. Also whenever I leave for work and shut him in our room, i go down the stairs to leave but still hang back to listen if he cries and he doesnt cry at all when I leave him in there-which also makes me feel better. I guess he was used to being alone for awhile under that deck he got used to it and he seems pretty self sufficient and independent and is fine with entertaining himself.

The main issue is that my fiance’ and I are leaving for vacation on Saturday until Friday 🙁 I am absolutely SICK about this. Getting him was awful timing because of our vacation coming up, but like I said I just could NOT leave him outside to fend for himself. And my parents didn’t want to take him because her cats don’t do well with kittens. My father in law only lives 5 miles away and he said he would come over everyday to check on him and make sure he is good with food, water, and litterbox. He also said he would spend some time with him each visit–but I know it won’t be anything like what he has been used to this passed week 🙁 It is making me physically sick. I have no appetite and I constantly worry about how he will be emotionally. I don’t want him to be sad or distressed.

I am just looking for some advice or maybe some words of affirmation that everything will be OK.

(Also, he does have a vet appointment scheduled. unfortunately the vet is on vacation this week and we are on vacation next week. he as an appointment the very morning that we are back. His stools look healthy, I haven’t seen any fleas, his eyes and breathing seem healthy. So I am confident he will be fine to wait until next week for his visit).

ALSO his name is Louie 🙂

June 28th, 2017 by Kincaid

Nutro pate for kittens, Nutri Source, and Royal Canin Recovery are all FANTASTIC brands! Our Lilith loves them all, in every recipe available for kittens.

Whole Earth Farms is also a very good brand, and we’ve started Lilith on their kitten kibble with good results. Good luck to you!

June 28th, 2017 by katzenjammer

Poor wee Aslan. But meds should take care of prob.

KZ, me neither re insurance. The household policy (which I hope to never need) is worth it IMHO, as I did get a decent payout for whatever I had that got ruined in my freezer during the famous “Ice Storm ’98”. When I was at “that place” we had insurance coverage. After, I realized that I was paying more than I was ever getting back, ie dental insurance, so after careful thought I cancelled it. Our governmental health coverage works for me.

Still waiting on project. At least I heard back and was asked to be patient while they get things together. I can do that.

Seems a bit chilly outside for time of year. And “they” threaten rain, probably the sec that I head out to gym. Note to self: bring srs umbrella.

Allegedly tomorrow we sorta move into new locker room. Sorta, ’cause now they have to do srs reno on posh locker room, like several months work. Our smaller rental lockers will be in the hall for now. Not a biggie (‘cept for some whiners.) My plan is to bring my important stuff home tonite, just in case things are not sorted out tomorrow am. Don’t want to find myself on a wild hunt for my locker and esp spin shoes! I checked out the reno and IMHO looks kewel. Black/white/metallic, plus more outlets for my necessities, ie I bring my own blow dryer as the ones provided are way heavy, and of course I need xtra plug for my all-important flat iron. 🙂