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September 30th, 2016 by Lana

I rescued my kitten on Monday, and when I took him home that day I wasn’t alarmed that he was sleeping a lot because he was neutered that day and I knew the anesthesia was causing the lethargy. The next couple of days, he wouldn’t play for more than 30 seconds before he would get bored and find a place to lay down. Yesterday he started sneezing, and today his eyes have been a little watery and his nose is dry. His breathing is also kind of shallow while he’s sleeping(im not sure if that’s normal) and he’s twitching from time to time. He is still very affectionate, and puts as soon as anyone touches him but I’m going to take him to the vet tomorrow because is suspect he has a cold. Should I watch him through the night to make sure he’s ok? Or are these symptoms mild?

September 30th, 2016 by Yuri Ben

My cousin had a dairy farm in upstate NY MS and I never heard of airstrips like that. We had a fun time when I was 7 and my sister and I spent about two weeks with our cousins. Ever go swimming naked in a creek? It was next to the house. We were all under 10 so it didn’t much matter. Farming is hard labor. To say the least and he gave it up in the 80s. It was his dad’s, my grandma’s brother. One of 5. She is the youngest of 7 now 99 and the last remaining member. I could never do that but I also remember going to fetch the cows. Hated getting my sneakers dirty. I hate dirt.

September 30th, 2016 by Yuri Ben

You see KZ? Where I live they’re backwards and behind so?? Of course I never heard of it. It’s not just because I’m forcibly isolated. The area is saturated with dogs. Dogs get these things too don’t they? And? The area is saturated with outside dogs. Thanks for the info.

September 30th, 2016 by Moonshadow_NZ

Crossover pic –

September 30th, 2016 by Buttons

Joan has it covered on advice there 🙂 Water bottles are fine if your trying to move a stray or troublesome cat from your property if it’s upsetting your cans but I would never use it in training your own cat as Joan mentioned it only makes your cat associate you with the water and will probably have a negative effect on your relationship with him.. his aggression does sound like its play aggression some of the time (I’ve also had Main Coon Mixes and they can have busts of play energy most people around here call Zoomies 😆 ) But I think as Joan picked up on your mainly dealing with over stimulation aggression I’ve had to deal with this too.. a cat maybe rollin on his belly or even jump
in your lap and you think “oh he wants lots of cuddles now cause he came to me” but it doesn’t always work that way and as hard as it is sometimes you have to give one pet watch for the tail twitching aggressively and if you see that then stop .. also if your petting and he’s on your lap put him down if you see he’s about to or is in a “hyper” mood or walk away if he gets hyper . he will grow out of it and if neutered after the 6 month age gap it can take 2 months or more for the hormones to settle back down ..

September 30th, 2016 by Rebecca Payne

Thank you so much Kittyzee! That’s really helpful and good to know. Hopefully in a couple of weeks they’ll be off-bottle – just have to be patient 🙂