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May 24th, 2017 by Kincaid

Sixth Day:
1a: .5Tb BabyMix
3:15a .75Tbs Goat’s Milk
8:00a 1Tbs Goats’ Milk
10:40a .5Tbs Goat’s Milk
11:30 .5Tbs Goats’ Milk; ate a tiny amount of warm kitten food.
3:15a 1Tbs Goats’ Milk; licked warm kitten food off my fingers and nibbled at the spoon.
6:15p 1.5-2 Tbs Baby Mix
8:30p .5Tbs Baby Mix
11:45p .3Tbs Baby Mix

Daily Weigh: 13.65oz

Baby is still slapping at the bottle, and took a long while to burp but is very eager to cuddle and play with fingers. Baby refused to eat at 5-6a feeding, inhaled 1Tb at 8a, after coaxing to take the bottle. INHALED food at 6:15p feeding, very eager.
Baby Mix: 2Tbs Goats’ Milk with Pedialyte to 2tps chicken kitten pate.

His tummy is starting to bulge, but is still fairly squishy when he’s standing up. Peeing just fine, hasn’t pooped again just yet which concerns me…but other than his BIZARRE sudden changes to his schedule, seems to be fairly healthy…?

Anyone have some insight here? He won’t eat the plain pate more than few licks, and keeps turning his nose up at the bottle- I just want Baby to stay alive!

May 24th, 2017 by katzenjammer

C**p PG, as I was reading of your injury I said to myself, pulled muscle. And you waited 3 days and still kept pushing yourself? Not the leg with the knee that’s giving you probs? I really hope that injury heals quickly. I would have had to call the ambulance myself. I’ve learned not to expect any sympathy whatsoever from Dorry. But I do feel sorry for you.

As I no longer have the power to post pics, I’m going to send you and MS pic of chair offline. My biceps are already acknowledging that I carried home a way heavy chair. Think I’ll take some Tylenol just because.

MS, love the animals. The laughing lionesses! and the zebras. When I was a kid there was a song “The Horse in the Striped Pyjamas.”

May 24th, 2017 by katzenjammer

Fake candle bulbs placed on white-napped tables for two, as May is allegedly Date Your Mate Month. Tux will be mentoring the boy kitties. The grrrl kitties naturally know how to do it right and will be presented with noms menus with the prices left off as per “back when”.

Hmmm … purrhaps not!

May 24th, 2017 by pussigato

Those pictures are great, MS. I love the lionesses, rhinos, giraffe… 😆

Isn’t it nice to feel the sunshine? HRH does!

I’m glad you planted the maters, cukes and beans. I gave up on growing things because I wasn’t growing anything. I was committing vega-cide. One must accept ones’ limitations.

May 24th, 2017 by Kittyzee

PG, now I have to go and look up that muscle! For heaven’s sake woman, sometimes you need to just give it a rest….I say this knowing full well I probably would have done the same thing. *sigh* Except that I don’t have close neighbors and would have been laying there for a loooong time.. 😮 Hoping your cats will give you snuggles while you are resting.

JJ, that pic of the truck made me laugh too, what a clever saying to go with that pic!

I did get my tomatoes planted, plus some cucumbers and green beans. My onions are coming along nicely and could possibly eat them in a few days.