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Hello from an old friend

Love it!
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Hi! Wanted to say happy holidays- been absent from this board, but you all helped me last summer when I lost my cat Magoo. Update- began fostering a cat called Shorty, who was rescued from a hoarder, then was in the shelter for almost 2 whole years after that. She is adapting really well and much to my cat Amos’ chagrin, has deemed herself alpha. I think Amos likes having her around, even if she busts his chops sometimes! Hope everyone has a happy holiday season!

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Glad things ended peacefully, KJ. Scary stuff when it’s happening though. Put the candles in the windows for the holiday season today – probably the earliest I’ve ever decorated. We don’t do a lot of decorating outside so there’s not much more to add. Next weekend I’ll buy a wreath from the Boy Scouts and we have a sled with a big red bow. Simple but pretty. Well, the Giants lost and the Steelers lost. Jets won, but if I understand the playoff picture correctly, that’s not good news for the Steelers.

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