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Location: Denver, Colorado, USA


Three and half weeks ago I adopted the most wonderful and loving kitten I could have ever hoped for. I had lost my beloved cat of almost fifteen years four months earlier and I was finally ready to open my heart to another. Today, my sweet wonderful Holly was diagnosed with FIP. FIP is a 100% fatal illness so I have to put her down tomorrow. I just wanted to post a little tribute to this wonderful kitten who sold my family’s heart. She will be missed.

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  1. Profile photo of pussigato pussigato

    pounce from Denver!

  2. Profile photo of pussigato pussigato

    A very sad pounce from Denver.

  3. Profile photo of katzenjammer katzenjammer

    OMG, so very sad to have to let this fur baby go to the Meadow where her sufferings will end and her kittenness begin. And how utterly agonizing for you, Holly’s purrson. Having made the only right decision in no way keeps out the sadness and grief. Holly will still be honoured in the hearts she stole. RIP little floofy girl and may your crossing be gentle.

  4. Profile photo of JerseyJoan JerseyJoan

    I am sorry for the loss of your fifteen year old – those old-timers really become part of your lives, but your kitty will live forever in your heart, as will sweet Holly.
    I am very sorry of this diagnosis. You have posted a beautiful picture of Holly and for her to know the kind of love you have given her in her short life is a most wonderful gift.
    It is an honor to give Holly this tribute. My utmost condolences.

  5. Profile photo of Britta Britta

    That is heart breaking. I also adopted a wonderful kitten once, who after a short while became ill and then succumbed to FIP. Like you I was terribly sad, but I kept telling myself that at least for his short life he had lots of love. I hope that you can find some comfort in the knowledge that although Holly’s life was short, it was filled with love and as good as a cat’s life can be. Hugs.

  6. Profile photo of Commune Commune

    What a beautiful kitten! I am so sorry for your loss 🙁

  7. Profile photo of Gatinha Gatinha

    Poor you, how awful. This may seem very obvious but experience has shown that when she comes to mind it may help to focus hard on the fact that she won’t be in pain rather than on her absence. This for both of them.

  8. Profile photo of JasonInIllinois JasonInIllinois

    I’m sorry about poor Holly. My parents lost two of their cats to FIP as well. You’re doing/did the right thing even though it was hard to do. I hope that after a few months (just to be 100% sure the virus is gone) or more you’ll be ready to open your heart again for another kitty who needs a home. I’m glad you were able to give Holly a good life while she was with you. *HUGS* from my family to yours.

  9. Profile photo of Jeankit Jeankit

    Special thoughts for you and lovely Holly our Star-kit today at TDK!

  10. Profile photo of Bobosmom Bobosmom

    I’m happy that for her very short life, Holly had your wonderful love and care. Bless you for adopting her and hopefully, you’ll find another little soul that needs your love.

  11. Profile photo of draucker draucker

    Oh what a beautiful baby, with the sweetest face I’ve ever seen. What a sad sad story. Just brings tears to my eyes thinking of what you are going through. God bless you through this terrible time, but always remember the good times and the love you shared.

  12. Profile photo of cindicated cindicated

    i echo all the sentiments above about beautiful Holly. i am very sorry for your loss & i too hope you are able to adopt another kitty in time.

  13. Profile photo of caroline caroline

    Such a beautiful aby. I know she was very loved. Godspeed.

  14. Profile photo of 0ona 0ona

    I was reading the articles on FIP, and it said that often the diagnosis is ‘presumptive’ and that there are drugs they have used to mitigate aspects of the full-blown illness. I would hope that merely because the vet diagnosed FIP after such a short time of Holly being with you that she would not be put down unless she were truly suffering. She is a beautiful sweet kitten who deserves every chance.

    • Profile photo of Nancy Nancy

      Oona – I know you were only trying to be helpful but trust me, there was no hope. The picture I posted of Holly was before the illness took hold. FIP from diagnoses to death can be as little as two days. Holly’s eyes were failing along with her liver. The vet gave her days to live so putting her to sleep was the only humane option.

  15. Profile photo of Leeny Leeny

    Poor baby. The American Association of Feline Practitioners published an article some years back saying that the FIP vaccine was only about 40% effective, so I hope they do have some symptomatic treatments that work well. Those cats who do survive FIP through treatment of the symptoms, though, are usually healthy adults; unfortunately, kittens and elderly cats don’t survive.

    I’m so sorry.

  16. Profile photo of goldie.goodwin goldie.goodwin

    Oh No! This is terrible news. I am very sad for you. I have gone through FIP with kittens as well. I did not euthanize until it was evident that the quality of life was gone. And I agree with the commentor Oona, this could be a premature diagnosis.
    My prayers are with you

  17. Profile photo of jcat jcat

    I am so sorry. There are no words. Holly is a beautiful, darling baby and I am so glad she has been cherished and adored for her short life. Be at peace, little one, and Godspeed.

  18. Profile photo of Sikandar Nirmal Singh Sikandar Nirmal Singh

    so sad, why god would waste such a precious life is beyond me. there r much better candidates to be done away with than this innocent jewel. i hope soemthing happens that she doesnt get put down!

  19. Profile photo of kimberk kimberk

    Oh, I’m so sorry that you’re losing Holly so soon. But I’m glad that you got to love her for 3 1/2 weeks. Safe passage little Holly.

  20. Profile photo of BrendaAnnD BrendaAnnD

    I know this heartache all too well. :'( We’ve lost several of our beloved furry kids to FIP. It’s especially hard when they’re young.

    And in your case, the double agony of having just lost a longtime companion.

    Don’t seal off your heart, though. I know it’s a temptation right now, but you have love to give a kitty that desparately needs it, and there’s a kitty out there that is wanting someone just like you to make their life wonderful.

    Take care, and God bless.

  21. Profile photo of JasonInIllinois JasonInIllinois

    I thought a vaccine only worked BEFORE they got the disease, not after.

  22. Profile photo of cskormin cskormin

    I am so sorry for your loss of Holly. I understand your pain. I was adopting a little kitten named Holly a little over a year ago. I had filled out the adoption papers and was approved on a Sunday and that same night the rescue organization called me and told me that Holly had passed away. She was a very beautiful little lilac point part Siamese. I guess it was better that she passed before I could even bring her home, but it still hurt.

  23. Profile photo of carol carol

    My heart is just broken for you. I know how much you will miss Holly.
    She will be in kitty heaven.

  24. Profile photo of Kirby Kirby

    I am so sorry for you. This is just heartbreaking But I am glad that for this kitty’s too short life, she is surrounded by love and caring.

  25. Profile photo of Sikandar Nirmal Singh Sikandar Nirmal Singh

    reading this again made me cry just now

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