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Dr Jeckyll

Love it!

Location: West Cork, Ireland

Dr Jeckyll

This is Dr Jeckyll 🙂 He is Bob’s brother (Bob was featured January 4 2013)

He’s such a handsome big fella and will occasionally let you give him rubs.. He’s a very independent Kitty and only ever wants to come inside for his dinner.. His favourite activities include tripping his Meowmy up and crying at the door to get out..

12 Responses to “Dr Jeckyll”
  1. Profile photo of catruled51 catruled51

    Pounce on Dr. Jeckyll!

  2. Profile photo of catruled51 catruled51

    What a handsome gray boy!! He looks like he’s disgruntled at being disturbed for his picture.

  3. Profile photo of Arcalian Arcalian

    Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. FUZZ

    FUZZ says “Let meowt”

  4. Profile photo of Kittyzee Kittyzee

    He is funny with his ears at “attention” like he’s ready to bolt for he door! You are a cute boy Dr. and don’t get into any trouble outside. I love Arcalian’s comment of let meowt!!

  5. Profile photo of HammysGrammy HammysGrammy

    Dr. Jeckyll IS a handsome cat!!

    Arcalian, you crack me up!! I am going to steal your line “Let meowt”.

  6. Profile photo of JerseyJoan JerseyJoan

    Dr. Jekyll is so handsome – cool markings! Love when kitties sit ‘with their paws in their pockets’.

  7. Profile photo of Buttons Buttons

    thanks guys 🙂 He’s a funny fella his ears say ‘let me out’ but his paws say ‘ Oh its soooo comfy’

  8. Profile photo of caroline caroline

    Dr. jeckyll is a nice looking boy.

  9. Profile photo of Moonshadow_NZ Moonshadow_NZ

    Awwww sweet grey boy. You have the best of both worlds, inside for food and outside for play.

  10. Profile photo of loislaine loislaine

    Dr. Jeckyll is a handsome fellow. His independence is making him miss a lot of good lov’in. ^ ^

  11. Profile photo of Bobosmom Bobosmom

    Dr. Jeckyll looks like he’s contemplating getting you to open the door. I’ve had two male cats that were of the same opinion as the Doctor but in their old age, decided that being mostly indoors had some advantages. Be safe out there Dr. Jeckyll!

  12. Jeankit

    Hey Dr Jeckyll, come on in as fun luving’ handsome stripey boy & get your well-deserved award as Star-kit today at TDK! (You can go back outside later, but first a smooch!)

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