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Love it!

Location: Carlsbad, California, USA


After our 15 year old ginger tabby Birky passed away we were hesitant to adopt another kitten/cat because it hurt so much it lose him. We looked anyway and there he was, a seven week old under weight kitten with huge ears and big toes! He looked ridiculous and his little body was shaking like a leaf. The shelter had to isolate him from other kittens because he was so aggressive. We took him home, loved him to death & the rewards cannot be measured. He rocks our world!!

23 Responses to “Mitch”
  1. Profile photo of JerseyJoan JerseyJoan

    As much as I hate to see my Leela off as the main star, she’s had her turn!
    Mitch is quite striking. Those ears! Those eyes! Those feet! Such a sweet face and amazing markings.
    I’m sorry for your loss of Birky. Glad you chose to open your hearts to another kitty in need of a home.

  2. Profile photo of meddings meddings

    Mitch found his furever home!

  3. Profile photo of pussigato pussigato

    I love Orangies with big ears! Mr. Birky knew it was time to fill your home and heart so he sent you to the shelter. Love works miracles and Mitch rewards you with his own love and playfulness. Thanks for giving Mr. Mitch a furever home. Many happy times ahead

  4. Profile photo of Adrian Adrian

    Mitch looks like he’s a real rough-and-tumble boy!

  5. Profile photo of JerseyGirl JerseyGirl

    Lovable little Mitch! He needed a very caring home and he got one.

  6. Profile photo of HammysGrammy HammysGrammy

    It’s been my experience that orange boys are the most loyal, loving cats!!
    You did a great thing rescuing a cat and bringing him into your home.

  7. Profile photo of whistl whistl

    Hear hear! I’ll second everything HammysGrammy said.

  8. Profile photo of Arcalian Arcalian

    Leaf in the wind FUZZ

    FUZZ can hear you with those ears!

  9. Profile photo of Kirby Kirby

    Such a smart and handsome face – he’s wonderful!!

  10. Profile photo of loislaine loislaine

    Oh, he’s gorgeous! Thank you for giving Mitch a good home. He is ever so grateful. ^ ^

    So sorry you lost Ginger.

  11. Profile photo of loislaine loislaine

    OOPS! I mean Birky. ^ ^

  12. Profile photo of Buckskin977 Buckskin977

    Thank you so much for adopting. Opening your heart to Mitch is a wonderful tribute to Birky & the bond you had with him. Know that you will always have a furry angel watching over you.
    My furkids & I wish you & Mitch many happy, healthy years.

    PS- I love the “I did not claw my way up the side of the chair” expression on his cute little face!

  13. Jeankit

    Hey kit, bring that feather on stick here as your magic wand for you are now rocking and receiving our CA Star-kit of the day award at TDK!

  14. Profile photo of Bobosmom Bobosmom

    I believe God gives us the helpless, sick babies so we can nurse them back to health. Then He rewards us with their gratitude and unconditional love. We bond so much with our little wards that every, single step of wellness brings us incredible joy. God sure knew what He was doing when he put pets in our lives.

  15. Profile photo of Sailkitti Sailkitti

    Oh what beautiful gold eyes Mitch has.

  16. Profile photo of caroline caroline

    Mitch is a handsome orangie.. 🙂

  17. Profile photo of amuse amuse

    Look at that HUGE back footsie! I love the big feet and bat ears on baby cats. And Mitch wears his “M” Monogram very smartly between his ears. I think Birky blessed you by making you think of going to the shelter that day to adopt his paw-picked successor to bring you the piles of smiles that only a kitten can bring. Huge Purrs to you!

  18. Profile photo of piobaire piobaire

    Ya you for rescuing him! Your rewards will be plentiful!

  19. Profile photo of cindicated cindicated

    Awesome story! Looks like Mitch is full of personality! All the best to him.

  20. Profile photo of MaryLynnVa MaryLynnVa

    Has Mitch grown into his ears and feet yet? He’s going to be a big boy! Enjoy!

  21. Profile photo of catlessinto catlessinto

    What a lovely golden boy! Thank you for taking a chance on Mitch, I’d sing along with him any day, he’s lovely, and he looks cool, calm and cuddly now, well done. Many hugs and treats to him 🙂

  22. Profile photo of Heidi Heidi

    Your Leela is so pretty! thank you for your kind words. We are exited to see our Mitch on the March 4th calendar-first time I’ve ever entered his picture. He is bigger than life & oh, so intelligent & photogenic. We suspect he is a Bengal mix which makes him quite different than the cats I’ve had in the past-almost dog like! Love this boy so very much!

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