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Love it!

Location: West Milford, New Jersey, USA


This is Miss Leela, at about ten months old. She was brought to the shelter after being found all alone in the rain when she was less than two months old.

We had just lost both of our cats, “the Shaddo/Jiggs generation” within five months of each other at 17 & 16 years old respectively. This little one needed a home and she came home as soon as she was well and strong enough to be adopted.

An extensive home renovation ensued shortly after Leela’s arrival, and she took it all in stride – proving herself to be quite the spitfire!

This picture was taken about four years ago, when the renovation was complete. Leela has made the house into a home.

26 Responses to “Leela”
  1. Profile photo of preciouskitty preciouskitty

    She’s beautiful!!!

  2. Profile photo of jpalmer1967 jpalmer1967

    Leela looks adorable, and thanks for bringing her to your home. Lots o snuggles!

  3. Profile photo of JerseyGirl JerseyGirl

    Isn’t she pretty! West Milford — I pass near there on my way to work … 🙂

  4. Profile photo of loislaine loislaine

    A beautiful shiny black kitty. Thank you for adopting Leela. She sounds wonderful.

    I look at Leela and miss my Ebony. She was so sweet and loving. ^ ^

  5. Profile photo of Jetta and Boo Boo's Mom Jetta and Boo Boo's Mom

    Yay for our Miss Leela! She is a beauty and I know she loves her meowmy and her Larry!

  6. Profile photo of cindicated cindicated

    What a pretty girl. I’m so glad she took the renovations well. I’m not confident mine would. Glad she found her way into your hearts & is doing well!

  7. Profile photo of Adrian Adrian

    You’d think I’d get tired of seeing cats curled up in a snug, little half-circle but I never do. Leela is a beauty.

  8. Profile photo of catlessinto catlessinto

    ‘making a house into a home’…kittens have a knack for doing that! Sorry to hear you lost your two beloved felines, and I am quite delighted you’ve taken Leela into your heart and home. She’s lovely 🙂

  9. Profile photo of caroline caroline

    Isn’t Leela a TDKer kitty?
    She is a lovely girl. 🙂

  10. Profile photo of whistl whistl

    Leela is so pretty. Is the name, by any chance, a Doctor Who reference?

  11. Yes she is! I think it’s Joan from NJ. I remember when she got her–really pretty cat.

  12. Kilroy

    Yay Leela! I think the name is actually a Futurama reference.

  13. Profile photo of Arcalian Arcalian

    Futurama got the reference from Doctor Who anyway FUZZ

    Housewarming FUZZ

  14. Kilroy

    Really, Arcalian? I didn’t know that. Cool.

  15. Profile photo of krazikat krazikat

    wwwwWWWWOOOOOWWWWW !!!!!!! Such glamour and beauty. I am speechless 😉

  16. Profile photo of pussigato pussigato

    She is precious! I’m so glad Miss Leela is the Queen of her (and your) household! Many happy times ahead.

  17. Profile photo of Moonshadow_NZ Moonshadow_NZ

    Awwwww, sweet little Leela with the beautiful eyes.

  18. Profile photo of jcat jcat

    I know that ‘Go away, I’m trying to sleep,’ look, that is a kitten with Greta Garbo catitude 🙂 Leela is a total beauty!

  19. Profile photo of Buckskin977 Buckskin977

    What a beautiful girl! Thank you so much for adopting & giving Leela a safe, comfy, loving home.
    My furkids & I wish you & Leela many happy, healthy years.

  20. Profile photo of MaryLynnVa MaryLynnVa

    Leela probably thought the renovations were being made for her! She certainly has the look of Queen of the Castle.

  21. Jeankit

    Concats to Miss Leela from Joisey as our darling noir Diva & Star-kit today at TDK!

  22. Profile photo of KYKAT 12 23 KYKAT 12 23

    Yea for Miss Leela being kit of the day! She is as soft and as sweet as she looks in the picture! Treats for my little buddy!

  23. Profile photo of Bobosmom Bobosmom

    Miss Leela looks to me like she’s thinking: “There goes my hoomin again with that flashy thingy.”

  24. Profile photo of piobaire piobaire

    There’s nothing better than pure black fuzz

  25. Profile photo of catsynth catsynth

    Leela is beautiful!

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