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Love it!

Location: Dubai, The United Arab Emirates


My lovely two month old kitten was found in the streets running around and meowing for hours when we came to the decision to take her. She was trying to elude us but we eventually caught her. She was one month old at that time. The next day we found her little brother dead on the side of the street with his head open, RIP. We thank God till this day that we took her before anything happened to her. She is sooo energetic playful, and friendly and I <3 her!

25 Responses to “Venus”
  1. Avatar of MissKittyMom22 MissKittyMom22

    Pounce!! I wonder what she’s dreaming about…

  2. Avatar of DartsMom DartsMom

    Looka da cute toesies!!!!

  3. Avatar of meddings meddings

    She is safe & happy now. Just look at those licorice jellybean toes!

  4. Avatar of gryt gryt

    Such a sweet tummy. And those toe beans!

  5. Avatar of JasonInIllinois JasonInIllinois

    Thanks for saving Venus. RIP to her poor brother. I hope there were no other kittens in that litter. She looks really happy now that she’s safe in a loving home.

  6. Avatar of Buckskin977 Buckskin977

    Thank you so much for rescuing Venus & giving her a warm, safe life.

    My furkids & I wish Venus & her humans many happy, healthy years.

    PS- RIP little brother.(He needs a name)
    I’m sitting here crying for the little guy. As a rescuer, you want to save them all & it breaks your heart knowing that you can’t.

  7. Avatar of katzenjammer katzenjammer

    Pardon me Arcalian if I’m stepping on your toes, but …

    Roman Goddess FUZZ

    Shocking Blue FUZZ (for 80s one-hit wonder fans LOL)

    FUZZ and Mars

    Maybe Mars would be a nice “belated” name for you kitty’s RB bro.

  8. Avatar of Emma Emma

    Her brother is with the Wolf, and God bless you for rescuing this baby — she looks so happy.

  9. Avatar of catlessinto catlessinto

    hee hee..! Venus looks so cute and contented, with her wee paws in the air. Love those black jellybean toes! Thank you for saving her, sorry her bro didn’t make it. May you have many happy, healthy years together :-)

  10. Jeankit

    Wakey wakey little Venus for you are our Star-kit today at TDK!(Luv those little black jelly bean paddies!)

  11. Avatar of Sailkitti Sailkitti

    Ohh Lucky ADORABLE VEnus and lucky you.
    What a pose and those TOES- beautoful markings.

  12. Avatar of HammysGrammy HammysGrammy

    Goddess on the mountain top
    burning like a silver flame
    The summit of beauty and love
    and VENUS was her name.


    lyrics by Bananarama

    I want to be witty like Arcalian so baaaaad!

  13. Avatar of Arcalian Arcalian

    Nobody needs to apologize to me for using the FUZZ concept. I didn’t even create it. Nor am I that witty, haha.

    Street Smart FUZZ

    Music FUZZ

    The “She’s got it song” was originally by a Dutch band called “Shocking Blue”; Bananarama did a cover.

  14. Avatar of cindicated cindicated

    Venus looks especially content here. Looks like she may grow into her ears. I’m so glad you have given her a wonderful home. I hope Venus has a long, happy & healthy life.

  15. Avatar of draucker draucker

    Love those little black toes! Adorable! Thank you for saving her. So sad for her brother. But so glad Venus is safe and happy now! Hugs and kisses to her. And tickle those black jelly bean toes for me!

  16. Avatar of pussigato pussigato

    Her wee toes are so cute that no one commented on her belly. Belly Snorgles! Miss Venus is just precious and I’m so glad you took the extra effort to catch her. Many cuddly, loving times ahead.

    Her brother, who I will call Morpheus, is safe in Elysian Fields.

  17. Avatar of Bobosmom Bobosmom

    Venus looks like she has some really lovely markings — cream belly and legs with a stripey tail and face mask. Her toes are really nice accents. Such a cutie. Thank you for coming to her rescue and loving her. You must have big, squishy hearts (my favorite kind).

  18. Avatar of catpower catpower

    Poor wee thing maybe crying for her dead brother.
    Bless you for making the effort to catch her and giving her a safe loving home.
    The toes oh the toes! She is a beauty. May that love last years.

  19. Avatar of piobaire piobaire

    Look that those sweet black jellybean toes!! I want to just love on her!! I’m so glad you got to save her. Thank you so much

  20. Avatar of Sheba's Mom in Raleigh, NC Sheba's Mom in Raleigh, NC

    Bless you for rescuing her–she didn’t stand a chance at that young age.

  21. Avatar of katzenmother katzenmother

    Bless you many times over for rescuing this sweet little girl who was so scared and alone on the streets w/o family. Yet Venus was rescued when the Kitty cupid hit your heart with an arrow upon hearing her crying. Many happy loving and fun filled years with your adorable baby!

  22. Avatar of loislaine loislaine

    Venus is adorable. So glad you saved her. ^ ^

  23. Avatar of JoanfromNewJersey JoanfromNewJersey

    Venus is beautiful! Dreaming of the perfect life she now has – lucky, pretty girl.
    RIP to her brother – I vote for the name Mars too.
    Thank you for rescuing her – I’m sure her brother thanks you too as he watches over her from the Rainbow Bridge.

  24. Avatar of caroline caroline

    I am glad you rescued this little beauty..

  25. Avatar of whistl whistl

    What a pretty soft little belly to rub! Hi kitty! :)

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