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Love it!

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Chole is my cousin’s kitten. They’ve always loved cats but didn’t have one for a long time because her brother and my aunt are both allergic. Still all loving cats, they eventually just decided to make the best of it and now have Ms. Chloe!

20 Responses to “Chloe”
  1. Profile photo of preciouskitty preciouskitty

    Chloe looks very sweet.

  2. Profile photo of meddings meddings

    Chloe looks very content!!

  3. Profile photo of JerseyGirl JerseyGirl

    Ms. Chloe enjoys her nap!

  4. Profile photo of catlessinto catlessinto

    if kittens didn’t make me sneeze quite so much, I would just love to have a tabby n’white cutie pie like Chloe! Your cousin is very lucky, please give Miss Chloe many cuddles and treats from me 🙂

  5. Profile photo of DartsMom DartsMom

    Oh, so sweet — a sleeping kitty. Chloe looks a lot like my Dart — same colors, same patching, same freckled nose.

  6. Profile photo of pussigato pussigato

    Chloe is sleeping the sleep of one who is loved. I’m glad your family was able to adopt this sweet girl and hope all do well with Miss Chloe in her furever home. Many sleepy, lovings times ahead.

  7. Profile photo of calady calady

    Chloe is very pretty and boy does she look happy and content in that picture! I’m allergic to kitties to, but I couldn’t live without my babies; so I took allergy shots so that I could handle them. Here’s to MANY MANY happy purrrrfectly wonderfur years :-)!

  8. Profile photo of JerseyJoan JerseyJoan

    Chloe is adorable – such pretty markings! She looks quite comfortable.
    Chloe must be Kit’s cousin’s kitty!

  9. Profile photo of Arcalian Arcalian

    Love for FUZZ overcomes allergies.

    FUZZ says, “You know you love me.”

  10. Profile photo of Kit Kit

    Yay! lil Chloe kitty, my cousin’s will be excited 🙂

  11. Profile photo of cindicated cindicated

    Chole is a doll! I am glad that she is well loved and content in her home with her humans.

  12. Profile photo of Bobosmom Bobosmom

    A few sneezes are well worth the purrs and love of a sweet kitty!

  13. Jeankit

    Wakey wakey dozing Chloe for you are our Star-kit today on TDK!

  14. Profile photo of piobaire piobaire

    Hee hee these cutie pies know how to weasel into your hearts!

  15. Profile photo of Buckskin977 Buckskin977

    What a pretty girl! Love the pink camo collar!
    My furkids & I wish you, your family & Miss Chloe many happy, healthy, sneeze free years!

  16. Profile photo of MaryLynnVa MaryLynnVa

    Love has been known to overcome allergies. Ms Chloe looks to be the purrfect cure!

  17. Profile photo of loislaine loislaine

    Pretty Chloe! ^ ^

  18. Profile photo of Debbi Debbi

    Ms Chloe looks like she is worth putting up with a bit of sneezing!

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