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Love it!

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


I rescued my cat when it was born in my backyard after hearing that people in my neighborhood were shooting strays with BB guns. After rescuing her, we found another kitten, kept it, and named it Smoke.

19 Responses to “Bellatrix”
  1. Avatar of cskormin cskormin

    Pounce!!! Bellatrix is a beautiful tortie! At least, I think she is a tortie, I can’t see a third color on her, but I bet it is there!

  2. Avatar of katzenmother katzenmother

    Bless you for rescuing the two kittens and giving them a loving home. Bell is such a cute little tortie girl with such pretty eyes. Many happy loving years with your fur kids!

  3. Avatar of pussigato pussigato

    A wee adorable Tortie girl! She is so cute and looks very soft too. Thanks for rescuing Miss Bellatrix and her brother, Mr. Smoke. You will be rewarded many times over with snuggles and lovings.

  4. Avatar of JerseyGirl JerseyGirl

    She’s so cute! Thank you for rescuing her.

  5. Avatar of donut donut

    The orange paw is to die for.

  6. Avatar of MaryLynnVa MaryLynnVa

    Bellatrix looks a little apprehensive about the camera. But she’s such a pretty girl I’m sure she’ll get used to it! Enjoy!

  7. Avatar of sheenagh sheenagh

    Thank goodness you rescued her from those horrible people! Sometimes I wish I belonged to a nicer, more respectable species…

  8. Avatar of caroline caroline

    Pretty Tortie ladycat!

  9. Avatar of Arcalian Arcalian

    Skyline Chili FUZZ

    First in a series FUZZ

  10. Avatar of cindicated cindicated

    She is sweet wee girl. I hope she & Smoke have happy, long, & healthy lives together with you.

  11. Avatar of catlessinto catlessinto

    I am so sorry that there are people out there who would hurt helpless stray kittens, but how wonderful there are kind and caring folks like you. Bellatrix is just achingly sweet, I hope you enjoy many happy years together.

  12. Avatar of JoanfromNewJersey JoanfromNewJersey

    Such an adorable face! Thank you for saving her from those evil BB ‘s.

  13. Avatar of vjrose vjrose

    Thank you for giving the gorgeous little Bellatrix & Smoke a safe, loving, furrever home.

    Have you or your neighbors contacted the police or animal control about the !@#)%&~<+ who are using other ferals for targets? Hopefully they can stop this cruelty.

    I am so grateful for you & other kind people who rescue vulnerable beings.

  14. Avatar of Buckskin977 Buckskin977

    What a sweet little face! Thank you so much for rescuing!
    My furkids & I wish you & your furkids many happy, healthy years!

  15. Avatar of Buckskin977 Buckskin977

    PS- Shame on animal abusers!!!

  16. Avatar of victoriasamantha victoriasamantha

    I am so glad you rescued this baby and the other gift from God. how anyone could kill or hurt a living brearthing creature is beyond me. Thank you for rescuing.

  17. Avatar of Bubz Mom Bubz Mom

    Hey there Mr Ohio…I love you and thank you so much for being one of those amazing men out there in this crazy world that take a stand. To show this type of compassion towards the little baby kittens you named Bellatrix and Smoke helps restore my faith in humanity. Good job sir!

    Oh, p.s. my Steelers are going to crush your Bengals next week..hee hee, total side note :)

  18. Avatar of Sailkitti Sailkitti

    Belss you for saving them!

  19. Avatar of piobaire piobaire

    Oh she’s so beautiful! You are angels and these little babies will bring your years of love and joy.

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