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Love it!

Location: Golden Valley, Minnesota, USA


This kitten was found as a stray along with her littermates living outside in October in Minnesota… needless to say it is getting chilly here in October. But… what made me pick her picture… those cheeks… they look like itching to be pinched! I am thinking she will adopted soon.

21 Responses to “Taylor”
  1. Jeankit

    Pounce Taylor as TDK Star-kit today on Thanksgiving Day Eve!

  2. Avatar of Jon Jon

    Is she a Munchkin?

  3. Avatar of catlessinto catlessinto

    aw, bless, what a sweet little tabby boo… love her stripey patches n’ white.. Thank you for caring for her, hopefully Taylor will all be in their loving forever homes soon :-)

  4. Avatar of catlessinto catlessinto

    sorry, Taylor and her sibs! sigh

  5. Avatar of Arcalian Arcalian

    Land of a thousand lakes FUZZ

    Picture perfect FUZZ

  6. Avatar of JoanfromNewJersey JoanfromNewJersey

    Oooh, Taylor is super cute!!!

  7. Avatar of Iroquoisctykatzenmutter Iroquoisctykatzenmutter

    Sweet little bespectacled baby!!!

  8. Avatar of turquoise turquoise

    The cheeks are lovely, but those little pointy ears! No question, this one will get snapped up soon. Thanks for taking her and her littermates in before it got well and truly cold.

  9. Avatar of loislaine loislaine

    Taylor is a beautiful kitty. I love her colors. She is very easy on the eyes. She will find a furever home soon. ^ ^

  10. Avatar of gerbil gerbil

    So cute! Wish I could have. :-)

  11. Avatar of JerseyGirl JerseyGirl

    She is just begging to be adopted! Extreme cuteness!

  12. Avatar of katzenmother katzenmother

    Somebody is going to fall in love with this adorable kit. May she find the best forever home ever!

  13. Avatar of pussigato pussigato

    I just want to kissy her little face! Miss Taylor is precious and hope she’s in her furever home soon!

  14. Avatar of Buckskin977 Buckskin977

    What a face! Ya gotta kiss it!
    Thank you for helping the furbabies find their furever homes!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all & God Bless!

  15. Avatar of Charger Charger

    Beautiful baby Taylor, hope you find a loving furever home soon!

  16. Avatar of lagatta lagatta

    Oh, I’m glad those babies were found before a hard freeze! Brrrr!

  17. Avatar of MaryLynnVa MaryLynnVa

    I want to scritch that little chin!

  18. Avatar of caroline caroline

    She is a precious little chubby kitty. :)

  19. Avatar of cindicated cindicated

    Taylor’s expression looks so serious here. Sweet babe. I really like her markings around her nose. Best wishes that Taylor gets het forever home very soon.

  20. Avatar of Sailkitti Sailkitti

    What a beauty!

  21. Avatar of piobaire piobaire

    Oh her whole little body is screaming to be sqeezed.

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