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Love it!

Location: Davenport, Florida, USA


Abbie was born September 19th to a feral cat. I found six kittens in the woods next to my house. They were screaming bloody murder so I went to see what was wrong. They were all stuck together via their umbilical cords. I took them to the vet. Three had to be put to sleep due to severe leg injuries from the cord being wrapped around their legs. I lost two more kittens within the next few days, presumably from fading kitten syndrome. I have bottle fed Abbie since day one. The feral mother wanted nothing to do with the kittens once I was able to reintroduce them. Abbie has stayed strong though! She is a feisty, playful bundle of joy!

23 Responses to “Abbie”
  1. Avatar of dollymk dollymk

    Pounce! on Abbie – the plucky little survivor.

  2. Avatar of Kirby Kirby

    Yay for little Abbie for surviving such a hard start in life and cheers to you for helping the kitties. I’m sorry the others didn’t survive, but I hope Abbie is a wonderful reward for your kindness.

  3. Avatar of Beachcomber Beachcomber

    Lucky little Abbie! So sad that only 1 of 6 survived…a testament to spaying and neutering our pets. Abbie has such beautiful markings – she will be a really lovely grown up cat.

  4. Avatar of nativeca66 nativeca66

    Beautiful kitten. Hurray for beating the odds! Kudos for saving her.

  5. Avatar of catlessinto catlessinto

    oh, how heartbreaking to lose so many little kittens! Thank you for your kindness and caring: thanks to you, little Abbie has a chance now at a life of love and health. Treats and many gentle cuddles to her :-)

  6. Avatar of MaryLynnVa MaryLynnVa

    It’s sad that none of Abbie’s siblings made it, but she is a wonderful gift to you. Hopefully her feral mama will get trapped and spayed, or at least learn some parenting skills!

  7. Avatar of Bubz Mom Bubz Mom

    Yay for Abbie! She’s a survivor, she’s not gonna give up!! She was screaming “Mom, come get me please”!!! So glad you heard and came to her rescue. She is beautiful :)

  8. Jeankit

    You earned an A+++++ in caring for little Abbie, helping her “out of the woods”. The darling tortie our cutie patootie survivor kit the Star-kit today at TDK!

  9. Avatar of Sailkitti Sailkitti

    Awwwwe what a sad story yet happy ending for Abby, bless you for all your efforts.

  10. Avatar of caroline caroline

    Abbie is a cutie with torti-tude.. :)

  11. Avatar of meddings meddings

    What an adorable torti-survivor!!!

  12. Avatar of Arcalian Arcalian

    Sole Survivor FUZZ :(

    Tough Torie FUZZ

  13. Avatar of piobaire piobaire

    Oh such a little fighter. You are an angel for saving her life and for trying to save the others.

  14. Avatar of Adrian Adrian

    I imagine all that work was worth it when you ear Abbie purr for a moment or two.


  15. Avatar of pussigato pussigato

    Abbie looks very Spunky! So glad you made the effort to save her siblings but they have cross the Rainbow Bridge. Miss Abbie and you will have many loving, cuddly times together.

  16. Avatar of loislaine loislaine

    Poor little kitties, all stuck together.

    Abbie is pretty and looks very healthy. I wish you many happy years with your “bundle of joy.” ^ ^

  17. Avatar of whistl whistl

    Abbie os so very lovely! Much love and many head bonks to you and yours.

  18. Avatar of cindicated cindicated

    Abbie is a sensational survivor & very deserving of being featured today. I wish her health, health, & more health! Plus happiness times 10.

  19. Avatar of lagatta lagatta

    Six kittens was probably a lot for the biological mum to cope with in the wild. I’m so sorry five of them died. Not the finder’s fault; thanks so much for caring for them and saving dear wee Abbie. She is lovely.

  20. Avatar of EllenD EllenD

    So, adorable. She reminds me of my Sassy when she was a kitten.

  21. Avatar of EllenD EllenD

    P.S. Peekaboo is picture as my avatar, not Sassy. Sassy has coloring like your Abbie.

  22. Avatar of katzenmother katzenmother

    Ohhhh cuteness overload! What a beautiful baby she is! I love her face and her tortie markings. Abbie indeed has tortitude – which helped her survive along with your great mothering skills. It must have been very hard losing the others. I agree with an earlier poster that her mama needs to be spayed ASAP! Could very well be too that this was her first litter. Abbie found a great forever home and mama!

  23. Avatar of Bobosmom Bobosmom

    That’s a heartbreaking story. Bless you for attempting to save all the kittens. You have to be a very loving and strong person. Abbie has such wonderful markings. I especially love her ginger nose.

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