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Clementine & Lyra

Love it!

Location: Baltimore, MD, USA

Clementine and Lyra

These are my two foster kittens Clementine and Lyra. The rescue I work with, Walter Rescue, pulled them and their mom from BARCS animal shelter when they were just five days old. They’re the youngest kittens I’ve ever fostered, but I’m so glad I did, because they never would have made it in a huge animal shelter. They both got nasty upper respiratory infections at two weeks old, and Clementine’s developed into pneumonia. I nearly lost her because she just couldn’t nurse and breathe at the same time. A combination of a great vet, the right antibiotic, and me syringe feeding her for a week to get her weight back on track means they’re both healthy, happy kittens today.

23 Responses to “Clementine & Lyra”
  1. Profile photo of JerseyGirl JerseyGirl


  2. Profile photo of JerseyGirl JerseyGirl

    What a heroic rescuer of two orange kitties! Clementine certainly has an appropriate name. Thank you for taking such great care of them.

  3. Profile photo of draucker draucker

    Wow! Couldn’t be brighter orange baby kitties. So sweet. Thanks for saving them!!
    Hugs and kisses to Clementine and Lyra.

  4. Profile photo of NCCatMom NCCatMom

    What pretty little house tigers! I hope they get good loving homes.

  5. Profile photo of loislaine loislaine

    Very cute kitties. Thank you for your commitment to get these two beautiful kitties back to health. I hope someone adopts both of them. They look like they belong together. ^ ^

  6. Profile photo of JerseyJoan JerseyJoan

    Such a beautiful duo – and really define the orange cat! Glad you had everything you needed plus your dedication to the health of Clementine and Lyra.

  7. Profile photo of catlessinto catlessinto

    what sweet, sweet little kittens! Great job, they look very healthy and content in that photo. Please do gently beep those wee nosies from me 🙂

  8. Profile photo of Arcalian Arcalian

    Oh my darling Clementine FUZZ!!!

    Small town FUZZ

  9. Profile photo of pussigato pussigato

    When these wee kits come into a room, they bring the light and warmth of sunshine! Iattah bittah kittahs can’t survive in a shelter environment. Clementine and Lyra are so lucky to have a guardian angel. Thank you for your efforts esp. with Clementine.

  10. Profile photo of caroline caroline

    They are such cuties! So orange.. 🙂

  11. Profile photo of gryt gryt

    Clementine & Lyra are gorgeous little kitties.

    I have a tortie girl named Lyra!

  12. Profile photo of Buckskin977 Buckskin977

    Well done!! Hugs to you and your foster furbabies!!

  13. Profile photo of donut donut

    Clementine and Satsuma.

  14. Profile photo of paulajeanne paulajeanne

    Golden Furries!

  15. Profile photo of katzenjammer katzenjammer

    Lyra Belacqua FUZZ

    Juicy Clementine FUZZ

  16. Profile photo of cindicated cindicated

    Very cute foster babes you have nursed to health. I’m so glad they came into your care. I hope they both find amazing forever homes.

  17. Profile photo of katzenmother katzenmother

    How rare to see two little marmalade sisters, both as cute as buttons! Bless you for taking such excellent care of these two. If only your heart could be cloned. Prayers have been sent that these two get the best forever homes.

  18. Profile photo of susanna susanna

    Aw, thanks all. As of this Friday, when Clem was adopted, both girls and their mom have wonderful new homes. These were my first newborns, and the hardest ever for me to let go of. And this afternoon I pick up a new foster, an adult orange boy. Always a kitty in need…

  19. Profile photo of frankiesmom frankiesmom

    Clementine and Lyra are angels. Thanks to you for rescuing the 2 little darlings. I think I would permanently adopt those two.

  20. Profile photo of Bobosmom Bobosmom

    When you care for tiny, helpless, sick babies such as these, you deeply bond with them. It about kills you to let them go. Foster parents rock! Bless you for helping those in need.

  21. Profile photo of mopapa mopapa

    I’ve never seen a cat the color of a Cheeto! So precious!!! Both are adorable.

  22. Profile photo of piobaire piobaire

    God bless you for saving them.

  23. Jeankit

    Take two they’re small as Clemantine & Lyra our darling orangies with survivor fuzz ‘tude our Star-kit darling Duo today at TDK!

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