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Abby & her Kittens

Love it!

Location: Renton, Washington, USA

Abby & her kittens

Abby (queen) taking good care of her litter of kittens. The kittens are Jack, Haddie, Chester, Jill, and Crystal. The kittens are now almost four years old – but thanks to NOAH (in Stanwood, WA) all the farm cats were spayed and neutered 8 months after this picture was taken. I don’t know what I have done without their TNR program!

23 Responses to “Abby & her Kittens”
  1. Avatar of CatMadInWestYorkshire CatMadInWestYorkshire

    Ooh, I got them! I would love to have seen this sweet litter of little ones, but totally agree with TNR for farm and stra/feral cats. Somehow, I am sure there will always be a good supply of sweet little kittens, no matter how hard we try to keep it from happening. Thanks for sahring Abby and her five little onew with us!

  2. Avatar of meddings meddings

    Great job with TNR. I love the little white leg !!

  3. Avatar of loislaine loislaine

    Lovely family picture. ^ ^

  4. Avatar of Adrian Adrian

    Those barn cats are smart as whips. Thanks for helping getting those kittens adopted.

  5. Avatar of SillyCat SillyCat

    You are a very responsible cat owner! And let me tell you, gray kitties are the most loving kitties!

  6. Avatar of JoanfromNewJersey JoanfromNewJersey

    Abby is beautiful! Let’s see, I see a little white foot, a little pink paw, and lots of wee faces snuggling with mama!
    Thank you NOAH for the TNR program.

  7. Avatar of catlessinto catlessinto

    how utterly precious! love seeing a wee kaboodle with their mum, so pretty in grey and black with some white. I’m very happy to hear they were all spayed and neutered. Do they have to live outside in the barn, or are they housecats now? Please give treats and cuddle them all from me :-)

  8. Avatar of Arcalian Arcalian

    Ahead of the Curve FUZZ

    Mama’s babies FUZZ

  9. Avatar of caroline caroline

    Aww.. A precious little family! :)

  10. Avatar of Bobosmom Bobosmom

    Don’t they all look snug as bugs in this photo? Love that little gray face tucked under mom’s chin. Great job getting them spayed and neutered.

  11. Avatar of Sailkitti Sailkitti

    Awwwwee, glad they are all taken care of.

  12. Avatar of Iroquoisctykatzenmutter Iroquoisctykatzenmutter

    Love that family picture! TNSR saved my life! Hope the mommy is ok, too. Life on a farm can be hard – at least it is here. Coyotes. Have lost many precious ones – (At one time I was feeding between 40-50,which is too many to house, and it took a while to get them all trapped. found homes for as many as I could)

  13. Jeankit

    Aww a kaboodle of kits with Queen Abby as Chat Noir Star-kits of the day at TDK!

  14. Avatar of xfanficx xfanficx

    Nothing like a mother’s love :c) Lovely picture of precious babies and a loving parent.

  15. Avatar of heidibaby heidibaby

    That’s a sweet, warm bundle.

  16. Avatar of pearl39771 pearl39771

    I’m from Renton Too! Now, Seabeck. I love your mom and babies! So sweet! The gray one looks like my Monty that passed away 2 years ago this week.

  17. Avatar of JerseyGirl JerseyGirl

    Abby looks like a very good mother. Kudos to you for finding homes for these cuties!

  18. Avatar of Jeremy2k12 Jeremy2k12

    Wonderful, God Bless them !!!

  19. Avatar of Jeremy2k12 Jeremy2k12

    It takes great effort to take care …Thanks to God that all sweet babies have found their home

  20. Avatar of MaryLynnVa MaryLynnVa

    The best place for a kitten puddle is snuggled up with Mom! Great picture!

  21. Avatar of piobaire piobaire

    What a wonderful passle of sweet blackness!

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