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Love it!

Location: Waterford, Michigan, USA


Mallory is ten-month-old Scottish Fold Kitten in this photo. What a little “Diva”, she almost seems to pose for us. She is a very sweet girl, but makes it known she is the top cat of her house. She lets us, and a sister and brother live with her.

21 Responses to “Mallory”
  1. Profile photo of paulajeanne paulajeanne

    Whew! Didn’t think I would get that in on time! Such a sweet expression on her face too!

  2. Profile photo of CatMadInWestYorkshire CatMadInWestYorkshire

    Wow, was this poor kitten posted late or just overlooked? She is a darling…I love the ears on the Scottish Folds. She knows she’s a cutie!

  3. Profile photo of JerseyJoan JerseyJoan

    Mallory sure has the diva pose down pat! She’s adorable and she knows it!

  4. Profile photo of Adrian Adrian

    Photo title:

    Mallory’s World

  5. Profile photo of catlessinto catlessinto

    I would love to be Mallory’s roommate! she’s adorable. Please scritch that wee chin from me (and she’s holding it at just the right angle) 🙂

  6. Profile photo of Siobhan Siobhan

    How pretty and sweet faced-she is! I hope you have many fun-filled years with this sweetheart!

  7. Profile photo of Bobosmom Bobosmom

    Mallory is precious. What a lovely little face. I’m so happy she lets you live with her. You are truly fortunate.

  8. Profile photo of dottiebj dottiebj

    What a little doll-face! She’s adorable! Hope you have many happy and healthy years with her…

  9. Profile photo of caroline caroline

    Sweet round little face! 🙂

  10. Jeankit

    Ooo I can see why anyone would take the hi-road or low-road to be with special Scottish Fold diva as Mallory our cutie-patootie & Star-kit today at TDK!

  11. Profile photo of Sailkitti Sailkitti

    That is a lovely pose!

  12. Profile photo of badcat badcat

    Kitty Pie!!!! Ok, ya’ll are killing me with the Scottish Fold Kitty pictures!! Mallory is Gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful. My new kitten control is dwindling! Love those whiskers!! 🙂

  13. Profile photo of pussigato pussigato

    I glad Mallory’s family knows their place. She is a darling princess with the curly whiskers.

  14. Profile photo of gryt gryt

    So cute.

  15. Profile photo of Arcalian Arcalian

    Wide-eyed FUZZ

    Looking down from on high FUZZ

  16. Profile photo of preciouskitty preciouskitty

    I want Mallory!!!

  17. Profile photo of piobaire piobaire

    FOLD FOLD!!! I want a fold. Mallory is wonderful.

  18. Profile photo of valeriej valeriej

    How very gracious of Mallory, the gorgeous diva, to allow you and her sibs to share her home. What an honor for you! :~) She looks like a real charmer – I hope you all enjoy many fun, loving years together.

  19. Profile photo of musicalnote musicalnote

    How lucky you all are … you and Mallory’s sister and brother … the chosen ones deemed worthy to share a domicile with this little Scottish Fold diva! We all should be so lucky. She’s exquisitely adorable. May you all enjoy many happy, healthy years together.

  20. Profile photo of MaryLynnVa MaryLynnVa

    What a regal pose for the Queen! And how beautiful Her Highness is–but of course she knows that!

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