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Love it!

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Cali is a feral rescue from the feral colony at a university campus. People often ask what can you do with a feral cat? Well Cali is training for her therapy cat certification, she walks on a leash and knows how to sit, shake and rides in the car to visit friends. This is a baby picture but now she will be two August 3rd.

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  1. Avatar of Batooz Batooz

    How odd – no comments. Well, I am certainly happy to see a feral have a happy ending. I assist with a feral-aid organization in Tallahasse, FL: It’s Meow or Never (IMON). I am happy to say that I am responsible for the neutering/spaying of five cats. And three are partially tame – they come into my apartment for feeding and combing – but oddly enough, I can’t touch them outside the apartment. So much for my story. I am sure Cali will provide much therapy for those she visits when she is fully certified. But for people who ask what can be done for ferals – call the animal shelter and/or vets – they will know of local programs to help these poor little creatures in such need of love and help.

  2. Avatar of donut donut

    Congratulations, a win all around. My feral came as a cat, and while he adores being petted and 3 squares on the porch, a vet visit is strictly out of Africa. :)

  3. Avatar of Meowzers Meowzers

    Cali is so cute, and she sounds like a very smart kitty as well. I hope she has a long, wonderful life with you!

  4. Avatar of Adrian Adrian

    A calico infused with white! Cali looks like she wouldn’t be a large grown cat. She’s is a smart girl — ferals have to be intelligent to survive.

    A friend has three pure black ferals (a mother and two offspring) sharing his house. They are well cared for, have been spayed/neutered but let people near them (except for me — the mother lets me briefly pet her head). My friend is quite happy with the situation as he was never a cat lover and never had had a cat before (he has dogs and horses though). The pregnant mother was being attacked by a raccoon and ran into the house.

  5. Avatar of paulajeanne paulajeanne

    sweet kitteh!

  6. Avatar of jpalmer1967 jpalmer1967

    What a cute cali! Late comments are better than none… Thanks for rescuing this snuggle muffin! Lots o snuggles!

  7. Avatar of Peg Peg

    I am SO impressed with what you could do with Cali! Keep up the good work!

  8. Avatar of catlessinto catlessinto

    pretty little calico Cali! Love and patience work wonders with everything, especially kittens, and this little cutie is the proof. I am sure many people will benefit from Cali’s therapy and your great work with her.
    Thank you!!! :-)

  9. Avatar of SillyCat SillyCat

    WHY are all calico kittens given the unoriginal name of Cali/Kali/Callie/etc??? Poor dears need a special name all their own!

  10. Avatar of MaryLynnVa MaryLynnVa

    Cali is a very smart girl to accomplish all that! And she’s beautiful as well! Maybe she sat in on some of those classes at the university!

  11. Avatar of CareBear CareBear

    Hello Cali! Awww!! What a cutie!! :)

  12. Avatar of caroline caroline

    She is lovely.. Must have that Calico attitude! :)

  13. Avatar of JoanfromNewJersey JoanfromNewJersey

    Cali is beautiful! Great work on this adorable feral!

  14. Avatar of Winn Winn

    Cali is a smart and beautiful girl. Feral kittens are wonderful when given a chance to show you their true personalities. I know because I have one too who is now 3 years old and a happy and healthy companion. Thank you for taking such good care of her.

  15. Avatar of 4kittykids 4kittykids

    Cali has really pretty markings. It must be so rewarding to have her in the Therapy Cat program. It’s amazing how much love they have to give when they get love themselves. Thank you for caring for her and bringing out her best

  16. Avatar of musicalnote musicalnote

    Almost missed out on seeing this beautiful gal. Glad I didn’t; she’s gorgeous, and what an accomplished kitty she is! Bless you for giving a feral kitty such a wonderful life. May you and Cali enjoy many years of helping others while enjoying each other’s love.

  17. Avatar of Kit Kit

    Well I’ll be, there’s my baby girl! Thank you for all your kind comments :) She does have tons of cattitude, like most calicos. I wanted to name her but my dad did first so she became Cali but I often call her Khali (Hindu goddess of destruction) because she chews up paper and cardboard. She will turn two August 3rd.

  18. Avatar of katzenmother katzenmother

    Bless you for what you’ve done for Cali. Such a beautiful kitten and smart to be in the training she is. As a former cat fosterer I can curious as to how one could become involved with the Therapy Cat program? May Cali help a special person in need. I am a disabled vet and know the help and love such animals bring to vets with all kinds of problems. Cuddles and kisses for Cali!

  19. Avatar of valeriej valeriej

    Batootz: Cali didn’t show up on my computer until the next day, some delay with the server? Perhaps that’s why there were no comments for awhile. What a cutie – so glad she’s going to be a therapy cat. So you’ve trained her to walk on a leash, sit and shake hands?? Amazing!

  20. Avatar of Kirby Kirby

    What a pretty little girl!

  21. Jeankit

    Who couldn’t resist cat therapy with Cali! You are our talented and caring beauti-patootie. With your special intelligent charm you are our Star-kit of the Day at TDK!

  22. Avatar of Bobosmom Bobosmom

    Wow, Cali is not just gorgeous, she’s got smarts and a big heart, too. Way to go on raising a “therapy cat”.

  23. Avatar of piobaire piobaire

    What a total little doll.

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