Kiss Kiss

Location: Effort, Pennsylvania, USA

Kiss Kiss

My friend came over this Sunday and saw this adorable tiny guy on my porch. He ran away from her and she came to get me. I said, “Hi, Kitten,” and blew him kisses and he ran right over to me! That’s why I’ve temporarily named him Kiss-Kiss. It broke my heart to feel how skinny he was (he’s so fluffy that you can’t tell by looking at him). He’s truly skin and bones, but luckily he seems completely healthy and happy besides that. He’s already gained some weight in the couple of days I’ve had him. I’ve been feeding him half dry kitten food, and half out of a baby animal bottle. It’s so cute to watch him use the bottle. After asking around, I found a couple of loving potential homes for him. I have four cats of my own, but I’m enjoying fostering him in the meantime! He is very cuddly, and he loves people and other animals.

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Author: Tom “The Kittenmaster” Cooper

Tom is the owner of 4 amazing cats, and using the Daily Kitten he provides a place for cat and kitten lovers to share the love for their own cats and kittens.