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Kiss Kiss

Love it!

Location: Effort, Pennsylvania, USA

Kiss Kiss

My friend came over this Sunday and saw this adorable tiny guy on my porch. He ran away from her and she came to get me. I said, “Hi, Kitten,” and blew him kisses and he ran right over to me! That’s why I’ve temporarily named him Kiss-Kiss. It broke my heart to feel how skinny he was (he’s so fluffy that you can’t tell by looking at him). He’s truly skin and bones, but luckily he seems completely healthy and happy besides that. He’s already gained some weight in the couple of days I’ve had him. I’ve been feeding him half dry kitten food, and half out of a baby animal bottle. It’s so cute to watch him use the bottle. After asking around, I found a couple of loving potential homes for him. I have four cats of my own, but I’m enjoying fostering him in the meantime! He is very cuddly, and he loves people and other animals.

44 Responses to “Kiss Kiss”
  1. Jeankit

    Oooo Kiss-kiss, I can see why it was no effort to smooch with you for you are a mini beauty patootie and special Star-kit of the Day at TDK!

  2. Profile photo of JerseyGirl JerseyGirl

    He has some personality already! Cute as can be.

  3. Profile photo of Sadue Sadue

    How adorable – with his little mouth open. He’s probably telling you how grateful he is to you for rescuing him. The rest of us are grateful to you too!

  4. Profile photo of huwsmemuma huwsmemuma

    I could never give up that face! Nothing wrong with five kitties.

  5. Profile photo of Kirby Kirby

    Kiss Kiss is not only cute as can be, but he’s also smart to settle on the porch of such a good home!

  6. Profile photo of Meowzers Meowzers

    I love the expression on Kiss Kiss’s face, too precious! He is very cute and he looks very happy as well.

  7. Profile photo of 2bpurring 2bpurring

    I sure wish I lived closer, I would take this adorable little boy right now!! Bless you for nursing him back to health and fostering him.

  8. Profile photo of Dallas Dallas

    I just want to scoop lil Kiss Kiss up and cuddle him! He is too cute for words… love his facial expression! I’m glad to hear you’re getting him back to a healthy weight. Someone will be very happy with this special little guy!

  9. Profile photo of WillowandWindismom WillowandWindismom

    Oh gosh – he is absolutely adorable! I don’t know but I’d probably bet good money that you’ll have a hard time giving this precious kitten up!

  10. Profile photo of JerseyJoan JerseyJoan

    Great picture of a beautiful kitty!

  11. Profile photo of gryt gryt

    Awww meow-meow sweet little kiss-kiss! He’s so beautiful… Those eyes!

  12. Profile photo of caroline caroline

    aww! he’s the sweetest little fuzzer boy! 🙂

  13. Profile photo of Bobosmom Bobosmom

    Oh, what a heart-melter! I’d never be able to give him up. Thank you for fostering him.

  14. Profile photo of oscarsmom in Il oscarsmom in Il

    He is beautiful. I would take him in a minute. We have four cats, a greyhound and a parrot, so what’s one more. Too bad I don’t live near you. What a personality he has.

  15. Profile photo of Meesh Meesh

    I love Kiss-Kiss! I wish I could adopt him myself. I can see why you would HAVE to take this little guy into your home. I hope you find a great forever home for him!

  16. Profile photo of Sarahnade1717 Sarahnade1717

    YAY! I finally got one of my kittens uploaded! On a more somber note…
    This is good timing for him to go up…prayers and good thoughts are needed. He went to a very loving home a couple weeks ago (his name is Remy now). I was told that yesterday he suddenly fell very ill. His new mommy didn’t know the name of what he has, but he was given a 30% chance of pulling through. When she went to see him later that day, he perked up and the doctors sent him home. They are ‘cautiously optimistic.’ He’s too tiny for any medication, so he needs to fight it off himself.
    Please take a minute to send good vibes Remy’s way. He’s too sweet to go so soon.

  17. Profile photo of Sue_DeNym Sue_DeNym

    Sorry to hear beautiful Remy is ill. I’m praying for him. Here’s hoping for a speedy and thorough recovery!

  18. Profile photo of Sailkitti Sailkitti

    He/She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  19. Profile photo of catlessinto catlessinto

    what an adorable baby cat! and vocal,too! bless you for caring for him, folks who foster are truly special. Smooch that wee pink nosie from me 🙂

  20. Profile photo of catlessinto catlessinto

    oh my goodness, so sorry to her he’s not well. White light and tiny healing kitten thoughts to him

  21. Profile photo of preciouskitty preciouskitty

    He’s so cute! I hope he’s well soon.

  22. Profile photo of JB JB

    Sending healing energy to this little darling. Hoping for the most.

  23. Profile photo of Sophiescatmom77 Sophiescatmom77

    What a beautiful baby! I’m sending good thoughts for his recovery.

  24. Profile photo of ms_jpo ms_jpo

    He is so cute and so lucky to have found you!

  25. Profile photo of katzenmother katzenmother

    Hope that Remy gets over his bad bug. It sounds like you found him a very caring and loving forever home. Bless you for all the help you’ve gitten this wee kitty. Can’t believe nobody commented on the cute white tip on his tail. Squee!

  26. Profile photo of bloom bloom

    Every little detail of this kitten is absolutely adorable ! the eyes, the tiny tip on the tail… I bet he’s going to grow into a big beautiful cat !

  27. Profile photo of Adrian Adrian

    He’s adorable and gonna be a real ♥sweetie♥ !

  28. Profile photo of jcat jcat

    Sending loads of TDK healing energy to little Remy, he is a darling, please get better soon little one.

  29. Profile photo of pussigato pussigato

    Warm fuzzies and healthy vibes for little Kiss, Kiss! He’s so cute and will make the hearts of his foster mom and furever person pitter-patter!

  30. Profile photo of MaryLynnVa MaryLynnVa

    I’m sending lots of white light to Remy Kiss-Kiss.
    He is truly a beautiful baby.

  31. Profile photo of paulajeanne paulajeanne

    So sweet and clearly a giant personality in this little bundle of fluff! And not afraid to state his opinions!

  32. Profile photo of Iroquoisctykatzenmutter Iroquoisctykatzenmutter

    Please keep us posted! Remy is such an adorable baby! Please let us know!

  33. Profile photo of rossy rossy

    Hi Kiss Kiss,your a darling lil sprite. One of the cutest lil kittens Ive ever seen.

    It’s wonderful your caring for him and working to find him a furever home,someone would be very lucky to have him for their very own. Such a sweet lil baby boo. Huggies to Kiss Kiss.

  34. Profile photo of rossy rossy

    Oh no I just read that lil Kiss Kiss now named Remy is very ill, its too heartbreaking,Im praying hard for the lil baby, hoping he gets completely well, and grows to be happy healthy cat.

    Bless you and his new family for all you’ve done for him,thanks to you and his new family he is getting the best chance he could have with loving care and medical care.

  35. Profile photo of whistl whistl

    I hope Kiss Kiss gets better soon!

  36. Profile photo of Dee Dee

    Oh, what a tiny squishy! Bless you for fostering him.

  37. Profile photo of Sarahnade1717 Sarahnade1717

    UPDATE: Remy is all better! About 2 hours after I posted that he was ill, his mommy told me he’s completely back to normal. The doctors are shocked but happy- he doesn’t have what they originally thought. He is eating and playing like his old self. Remy is expected to make a full recovery!!!!
    Thank you all for your kitten love and support!

  38. Profile photo of CareBear CareBear

    Hello Kiss kiss! Awww, what a cutie!! Love the pic and his blue eyes!! 🙂

  39. Profile photo of rossy rossy

    Yeahhhhh,thats wonderful news,Lil Kiss Kiss,Remy is all better.

    thankyou for letting us know. Huggies to Little Remy,may he have many healthy years ahead of him. Bless those who have given him so much love and care.

  40. So glad Remy is better–he is one cute little ball of fluff.

  41. Profile photo of piobaire piobaire

    It’d be hard to give up this sweet thing. Thank you for taking care of him.

  42. Profile photo of Deb Deb

    Kiss Kiss is a very beautiful kitten.

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