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Love it!

Location: Cochran, Georgia, USA


This is Meow, our newest addition. His name is most often pronounced “Mrow”, which is how our daughter says it. We rescued him as a very young kitten, and he became our daughter’s reward for giving up her pacifier. He’s very loving and patient. His rescue story was funny. He had been put out with several kittens at a neighbor’s house. We tried to catch the kittens, but you know how fast they can be. We caught Meow and placed him in a little box. We said goodbye to our neighbors, and were were sad to see that the box came open during our chat. As we got back in the car, I consoled my daughter, telling her we could try again to catch him later. She giggled as soon as we got in the back seat…There was Meow, sitting in her carseat! We had left the car door open in our excitement of finding kittens!

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  1. Profile photo of miu miu


    • Profile photo of miu miu

      He is beautiful and I swear he purrs in that picture. 🙂

      • Profile photo of jkbeachdream07 jkbeachdream07

        How ironic that they named him Meow and he slipped into their car. That is how we got our cat ‘Meow’. She snuck into our car. She’s going to be 18 this spring, I hope their little Meow and all the other kitties have long lives just like our girl has. He looks like my kitty Chowder too.

  2. Profile photo of cutiepie cutiepie


  3. Profile photo of FredT FredT

    Awww. That’s a really cute story. The kitten, eh……. 😉 Just kidding. All kittens/cats are cute. Sounds like Meow knew who he wanted to go home with. 🙂

  4. Profile photo of SammyandOliversmama SammyandOliversmama

    What a sweet story off arrival! It was meant to be. Such a cutie little
    kit! Yes, Miu, he does look like he is purring …

  5. Profile photo of caroline caroline

    He looks like he’s enjoying basking in the sun! 🙂

  6. Profile photo of Elene_YorkPA_7/21 Elene_YorkPA_7/21

    What a sweetums – looks so much like my Cuddles. Thank you for the rescue.

    I hope the neighbor was letting the kittens out to play, although it sounds like they were being abandoned to the outdoors. Please talk to your neighbor about spaying their female cat. There are many low cost spay/neuter programs that would help if financing is the issue.

  7. Profile photo of meowface meowface

    What a cute baby kitty!!

  8. Profile photo of MaryLynnVa MaryLynnVa

    Meow must have seen that car seat and said “Well, I’M a baby!”

  9. Profile photo of WillowandWindismom WillowandWindismom

    How wonderful that you rescured Meow and it sure sounds as if he chose you. But I do hope the other kittens got home homes, as well.

  10. Profile photo of hoosiercatlover hoosiercatlover

    Sounds like Meow knew a good thing when he saw it1 Thank you for rescuing this precious baby!

  11. Profile photo of Cathi in NC Cathi in NC

    Meow is one lucky kitten. Cute little boy.

  12. Profile photo of Tigerlilly Tigerlilly

    I wonder if he is related to one of my kitties named Meow Meow. What a smart baby to get in the car; yet another example on how THEY chose us. Mybe I can give up coffee and get a Meow as a reward! Beutiful tabby.

  13. Profile photo of KittenJunkie KittenJunkie

    A great fix for the day and a look alike for my DAC, So glad Meow got on the seat… They are GREAT friends, Wish you and the rest nothing but the Best for a long time to come….Tommy

  14. Profile photo of MadcatwomanintheUK MadcatwomanintheUK

    Mrow! – sounds just like our Pickle! What a sweet little wistful face.

  15. Profile photo of williamsweyr williamsweyr

    Sometimes we choose. And sometimes, we get chosen. Since Meow chose you, you should be grateful for your good luck. I’d give up a pacifier for a kitten ANY day.

  16. Profile photo of TheArcalian Arcalian

    The feline verb FUZZ

    Passenger FUZZ

  17. Profile photo of voodootabby voodootabby

    What a sweetheart! I love the name! 🙂

  18. Profile photo of CatsPawMa CatsPawMa

    Don’t put me in a box,
    Put me in the seat.
    A brand new home,
    WOW! This is neat!

    Beautifull Baby!!

  19. Profile photo of MiaLena MiaLena

    He is adorable….your daughter can grow up with her buddy Meow, cute story too.
    He will be her best friend ever.

  20. Profile photo of Karenopa Karenopa

    Meow is absolutely adorable! He reminds me a little of my (not so) little Tuffy. Pretty, pretty kitty!

  21. What a sweet story to go with a sweet kitten! May you all have many happy & healthy years together.

  22. Profile photo of catlessinto catlessinto

    as noted by other TDK’ers, very often, the kitten finds you! And in this case, she even told you her own name.

    Meow is one pretty l’il tabby in her stripey pajamas, thanks for sharing her!

  23. Profile photo of sparkdragonfly sparkdragonfly

    One example of almost too cute.

  24. Profile photo of jbabs jbabs

    awwwwww what alittle cutie! i guess he knew he wanted to come home with you. too sweet 🙂

  25. Profile photo of JerseyJoan JerseyJoan

    Awww, Meow, aka Mrow looks so content, basking in the sun. What a cutie!

  26. Profile photo of Dallas Dallas

    Aww….bet your daughter loves little kitty. He looks like a sweet boy. Glad you saved him.

    -One cat lover to another

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