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Love it!

Location: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada


My name is Madox and I’m an exotic shorthair. This is me at two and a half months old, I’m now just over one year old. I was the boss right from the get go. My mom says I’m very spoiled and pick on my older brother and sister all the time. My mom calls me Smushie because I have the most adorable smush face you’ve ever seen. I’m a little devil and always make my mommy laugh. Even my gramma and grampa think I’m the most adorable kitten in the world and they aren’t cat people.

57 Responses to “Madox”
  1. Profile photo of FondaHonda FondaHonda

    Pounce!!! Fabulous Friday, TDKers!

  2. Profile photo of bayoucatlady bayoucatlady

    Pounce #2!
    What an adorable teddycat! I want an exact duplicate!

  3. Profile photo of catlessinto catlessinto

    Kittens KNOW innately when they are fabulous, and Madox certainly is! Must….resist….urge to snorgle belly…. or I will surely be sneezing ginger fur for a week

  4. Cats4cats

    I already sneeze ginger fur, so I’m gonna snorgle!

  5. Profile photo of Dallas Dallas

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I’m in love…..with a little stuffed animal laying on the couch! He is the sweetest, most fluffiest cat I have ever seen!

    Thanks for sharing!

    -One cat lover to another

  6. Profile photo of 2bpurring 2bpurring

    Smushie…Oh my gosh…couldn’t you just kiss that cutie for days…what fluff!!!

  7. Profile photo of 2 Popoki 2 Popoki

    Love that baby belly….

  8. Profile photo of RockiePBsMom RockiePBsMom

    Belly Fluff — must have!

  9. Profile photo of JerseyGirl JerseyGirl

    These kittens can sleep anywhere, can’t they? And I’m always partial to the orange ones. This is extremely cute.

  10. Profile photo of CatRancher CatRancher

    Oh my! You know, Mr. Smushie, you are begging for belly snorgles…

  11. JenniferSigman

    FLOOFY kitty! Love it!

  12. Profile photo of Churchlady Churchlady

    OOoooo I just want to squeeze that belly with both hands!

  13. Profile photo of LadyKat of IA LadyKat of IA

    I would have been here sooner, but on a different computer and always have trouble logging in on this one.

    Anyway, happy Friday and lets all have a belly snuggle with Madox!

  14. Profile photo of cjsmommy cjsmommy

    That has to be one of the cutest cats (and picture) I have ever seen. I would love to see that little smush face up close and personal!

  15. He certainly looks more like a long-hair with that fuzz! Yummy!

  16. Smush!!!

    and Smooch!

    What a beauty!

    • Profile photo of Tigger Tigger

      Madox!! You lil’ devil you…c’mere & get your spoils! Orangies are the BEST!! He must be a wonderful hybrid.He sure sounds like he’s got the Persian precociousness in him! πŸ˜‰ Hey TBm! Merry Christmas & thank you for the beautiful card in my mailbox this morning! Happy,happy holidays to everyone here at TDK. God bless.

  17. Profile photo of BoogerMercurysMama BoogerMercurysMama

    Oh what a beauty, I want one just like this in my Christmas stocking!!

  18. Profile photo of kbores kbores

    What an adorable orangie!!!! And what a cute, furry tummy!!

  19. Profile photo of scribblestam scribblestam

    I wanna kiss that furry little tummy!!! Mrrooowwwrrrr!

  20. Profile photo of miu miu

    Belly flooooooooooooooooooooooofff!

  21. Profile photo of ailuromaniac ailuromaniac

    Picture NOT found under anxious, nervous or fearful.

  22. angel

    OH my gosh look at the little plump full belly. He’s just begging for a snorgle!

  23. Profile photo of SammyandOliversmama SammyandOliversmama

    I’m in love again, and I just can’t ….. I want him! He does look
    like a longhaired kitten. I would love to see him now..

  24. Profile photo of MaxandCali'sMom MaxandCali'sMom

    Priceless, peaceful bliss! I want one, too.

  25. Profile photo of rainingwolf rainingwolf

    It’s a Teddycat! Sooooo cute!

  26. madjack


  27. Profile photo of NNGM NNGM

    Ha! It’s the favorite Miss Nibs sleeping position. Almost too much cuteness to handle.

  28. Profile photo of williamsweyr williamsweyr

    And there goes another piece of my heart.

  29. Profile photo of Siobhan Siobhan

    OOH I love smooshi-faced kitties, Hermes is one of those. Hardly any nose stop at all! So sweeeeet and cuddly is this wee orange bud this morning! Cuddles and tickles to that little belly!

  30. Vicki

    OMG, an orange puff of cotton candy with legs! How sweet!

  31. Profile photo of voodootabby voodootabby

    Someone needs a belly rub! πŸ™‚

  32. Profile photo of feral feral

    I’ll bet Madox is high maintenance…but…Precious just the same πŸ™‚

  33. Profile photo of Tigerlilly Tigerlilly

    Madox, I have a proposal from our tortie exotic shorthair Tigerlilly!!!
    Tigerlilly loves to sleep just like that and loves belly rubs; maybe it’s something about the breed.
    Kisses for that beautiful orange belly!

  34. Profile photo of Momto3catsWI66 Momto3catsWI66

    My stocking is waiting1111

  35. Profile photo of caroline caroline

    Cutie! I gave him a “virtual tummy rub” with my mouse pointer!

  36. Profile photo of KahluasMom KahluasMom

    “Hello, it is SCRATCH MY BELLY TIME!”

  37. Profile photo of iammetlc17 iammetlc17

    Madox is adorable….kiss this smushie face!

  38. Profile photo of SunnysMom SunnysMom

    What a little darling!!

  39. Profile photo of paulajeanne paulajeanne

    Makes my heart melt, and a silly smile appear on my face. And then I start to degenerate into baby talk. Know what I mean? “wook at da widdle belly! And dose cute widdle pawsies!”

  40. Profile photo of MadcatwomanintheUK MadcatwomanintheUK

    Looks like he’s about to fall off! – go on Madox, I’ll catch you!! πŸ™‚

  41. Profile photo of MaryLynnVa MaryLynnVa

    Very comfortable FUZZZZZZZZZ!

  42. Profile photo of Leeny Leeny

    What luxury. What peace. What an adorable kitten.

  43. Profile photo of artistabobbi TX 1/17 artistabobbi TX 1/17

    Awww, Madox is precious. Even though I prefer long nosed kits, this one is a keeper.

  44. Profile photo of bayoucatlady bayoucatlady

    Shhh..while everyone is snorgling the adorable Madox, I am going to sneak back 3 days and abduct Moonpig… don’t tell…

  45. Profile photo of TheArcalian Arcalian

    Even popular with the not-we’s FUZZ

    Loungin on the funky sofa FUZZ

  46. Profile photo of Cathi in NC Cathi in NC

    I want to smush that fuzzy belly!

  47. JasonInIllinois

    What an adorable kitten. I bet you’re even cuter as an adult. Can I use your fuzzy tummy as a pillow?

  48. mayra

    That must have been a beautiful dream Madox was having. He looks the picture of happiness.

    Fabulous kitten!

  49. Profile photo of jbabs jbabs

    aww Madox, you are super duper cute and i love that tummy! stop picking on your elders tho, that’s not nice πŸ˜‰ lol

  50. Profile photo of vernaa vernaa

    Since Madox is the boss, he was caught sleeping on the job……
    he seems so carefree and happy, wishing many more happy days for Madox.

  51. Profile photo of passionforkittens passionforkittens

    Madox, meet me outside when you finish your nap. I promise I’ll bring you back in about a year. You’re so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  52. Profile photo of KittenJunkie KittenJunkie

    I think I ODed on this one… Too darn cute…. Bless all..

  53. Profile photo of falloutgirl44 falloutgirl44

    awww hes the cuteist little nushnush! iv ever seen i wish i could kiss that cute little baby belly

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