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Calypso & Chico

Love it!

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Calypso & Chico

Calypso and Chico are brothers I got from a local kitten rescue organization. They are together constantly and sleep on my head at night so that my hair looks like a sombrero in the morning. In this picture they are four months old and glued to bird feeder outside.

44 Responses to “Calypso & Chico”
  1. Vicki

    OMG, I’m FIRST!

  2. Profile photo of SammyandOliversmama SammyandOliversmama

    OMC You beat me Pounce!

  3. Profile photo of SammyandOliversmama SammyandOliversmama

    I got so nervous when I thought I would make it first!
    Cute little kitties. I love the different colors!!

  4. Profile photo of rainingwolf rainingwolf

    Awww-sweet babies! They might just fit in my tote bag….here kitty kitties…..

  5. JenniferSigman

    I love how they’re snuggled together!

  6. Profile photo of MichelleT MichelleT

    OMG! Kitty love! What an unbelievably cute picture, it should be on a calendar page!

    Our kitties like watching the bird feeders too, as well as our snake (who is safe in a glass tank). I call it kitty TV.

  7. Profile photo of paulajeanne paulajeanne

    That is just so darn cute! I love the way their tails curve. “Sombrero hair!” Good one!

    • Profile photo of Tigger Tigger

      Pelitos sombrero! Hola mi gatos hermanos!;
      Calypso y Chico es muy bonito! Feliz Navidad, Prospero Anno y felicidad, TDK! Aye,carramba! 😀 ( Sorry for the spangled Manish….I mean mangled Spanish. There’s a reason you’re supposed to hit the books in High School.) lol

  8. madjack

    Look at the birdie.

  9. Profile photo of caroline caroline

    I love the tails! How sweet! I like it when cats sleep on my head in cooler weather… it’s so cozy! 🙂

  10. Profile photo of vernaa vernaa

    I am soooo, happy for Calypso & Chico. They look so cool together, now! that’s what I call a close-nit family.

  11. Profile photo of Catman(Fromerly CCM) Crazycatman - CA

    Brotherly love Fuzz

    What cuties

  12. Profile photo of catlessinto catlessinto

    now THAT is the December calendar page if there ever was one. Such cute little kitties, tails entwined. That’s why they own us, and not vice versa! So lucky you are, to be their human.

  13. Profile photo of Lacey and Moki's Mom Lacey and Moki's Mom

    What a sweet picture! I love the intertwined tails. Such good brother-buddies!

  14. Profile photo of Cat talk rules Cat talk rules

    They sure love each other. They are cuddled so close if they weren’t different colors you couldn’t tell where one begins or stops. So adorable

  15. Profile photo of Athena Athena

    Brothers love how sweet just……… like my “boys” orange and black brothers. ( except mine are long hair) they will have a life time of happiness being together.

  16. Profile photo of feral feral

    OMG…it’s like looking at my 2 rescues Rusty & Spunky! How adorable Calypso & Chico are.

  17. Profile photo of bayoucatlady bayoucatlady

    How pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity!
    Love these two!

  18. Profile photo of gryt gryt

    I love it when sibling kitties get to stay together. They are adorable!!

  19. Profile photo of MaxandCali'sMom MaxandCali'sMom

    What loving siblings!! They don’t always act that way, I’ll bet.
    Reminds me of a picture I took of Max and Molly


    Their tails kinda made a heart!!

  20. Profile photo of MaxandCali'sMom MaxandCali'sMom

    Well, that website didn’t quite make it completely (Max is batting at the screen….)

    There-try that one.

  21. Profile photo of Elene_YorkPA_7/21 Elene_YorkPA_7/21

    So sweet – a perfect picture of brotherly love.

  22. Profile photo of AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    They are darling looking in this picture, but bet they don’t do that a lot without some slight pushing….lol

  23. It is so amazing when siblings stay together–so sad when one of them passes to the bridge, the other never seems to get over it….

  24. Profile photo of miu miu

    Beautiful Snugglers!

  25. Profile photo of CatRancher CatRancher

    A perfect picture of two handsome boys (at least from the back, lol!). Black and Orange Halloween colors! How very sweet they are and best buds forever!

  26. Profile photo of Tigerlilly Tigerlilly

    What a perfect photo of a kitty embrace…and I want that sombrero hair!!
    Merry Christmas boys!

  27. Profile photo of MadcatwomanintheUK MadcatwomanintheUK

    Oh they are just SO cute together!!

  28. Profile photo of TheArcalian Arcalian

    TAIL of two kitties!

    Side by Side FUZZ

    Birdwatching FUZZ

  29. Profile photo of Momto3catsWI66 Momto3catsWI66

    A sweet picture!!

  30. Profile photo of KatetheGrate KatetheGrate

    I had to come into work today and was feeling pretty sorry for myself, so I decided to log in here and see the kittens. Lo and Behold, dopplegangers for my Rufus and Quentin!! It seems more than a coincidence to me that orange and black cats tend to like one another so much. My Rufus is not related to the other 4 of my cats who are a litter, but he has bonded very closely to Quentin and Quentin to him. These two are too adorable!!!

  31. JasonInIllinois

    I’m so happy they’re staying together. You’re a great person to adopt both of them. Nothing is better than keeping a family together.

  32. Profile photo of KittywimpDaveinHouston KittywimpDaveinHouston

    Awesome pic!!! What a cool perspective. Thanks for taking both of them home with you!!! CUTE!!!!

  33. Profile photo of jbabs jbabs

    awww they are super cute! i hope they are bff’s! so good of you to adopt them both 🙂

  34. mayra

    Awwwwww…..! Adorable.

  35. Profile photo of Cato1730 Cato1730

    I want one of each! How cute….:) Elizabeth

  36. Profile photo of Cathi in NC Cathi in NC

    They are stuck together like shadows! I think this is a very cool picture. I love the brotherly love…

  37. Profile photo of momcat617 momcat617

    They’re adorable! I love the way their tails are intertwined. You can tell they’re best buddies. They remind me of three kitties I used to have.

    Your pictures are too cute! I’ve added you to my blogroll.

    Darlene at Cool Cat Care Stuff

  38. Profile photo of Dallas Dallas

    This picture is so cute! I love how they are intertwined with one another…..funny to see two brothers who are so close! I love the sombrero description……..I, too, can relate!

    -One cat lover to another

  39. Profile photo of JerseyJoan JerseyJoan

    Great butt shot! Love how their tails intertwine. A couple of good-lookin’ boys.

  40. Profile photo of artistabobbi TX 1/17 artistabobbi TX 1/17

    What a picture! It could go on a card!

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